The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

The Underground Fat Loss Manual puts the best weight loss tricks into one, online guide. And you know what? It’s about time someone took the most successful weight loss “cheats” from the industry and put them together in one program without all the nonsense that often comes with most online weight loss programs. But I know what you’re thinking, “cheats” never work. There’s no denying that there is a negative connotation attached to the word ‘cheat’. However, that’s only because people assume that “cheat” means cutting corners but that is not the case with The Underground Fat Loss Program. Instead of cutting corners within your weight loss regime, you’ll be making smarter choices to decrease your body fat levels to 6-8% (12-16% for women).

What is The Underground Fat Loss Manual?

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is a program full of the most successful weight loss tricks used within the industry. This online eBook contains the secrets that you can find in several different weight loss programs. However, instead of having to try an abundance of programs and putting the information together to create your own regime that includes the “cheats” from each, The Underground Fat Loss Manual does it for you.

Now, don’t get too carried away with the word “cheat”. Yes, the program does contain all the weight loss cheats that the industry thrives on but in no way are you cheating on your diet. This is key because as you’ve likely already found out yourself, cheating and cutting corners does not result in healthy or sustainable weight loss.

Instead, this program provides you with step-by-step instructions that involve the most successful weight loss tricks. All that you have to do is add them into your lifestyle and routine. Yes, very little effort is needed but it does require you to make up your mind and commit to your new system which is often the hardest part of losing weight.

So, although the program is easy, it isn’t designed for whiners, wimps or anyone who isn’t ready to try something new and commit to it.

However, it is designed for men and women who are eager to bring their body’s fat levels to -8% (12-16% for women) and if that sounds like you, then you simply can’t go wrong with trying the best tricks the industry has to offer. Again, by tricks this does not mean depriving yourself of delicious flavors or worse, counting calories or starving yourself.

I will explain this more in just a moment but first, it’s worth mentioning that the entire program is online. So, as soon as you purchase, you receive access to download the eBook onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, thus allowing you to have it with you anywhere, anytime.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual Table of Contents

The table of contents for Matt Marshall’s The Underground Fat Loss Manual PDF.

The really awesome thing is that you also receive four bonus programs at absolutely no extra charge to you. They can also be accessed as soon as you purchase the program and downloaded right onto the tech device of your choice. These bonuses are:

  • The 10-3-X Report
  • The 60 Second Hormone Fix Report
  • The Ageless Abs Report
  • The Secret Supplement Stack That Fitness Models and Actors Use to Get Ultra

Oh, but it gets better! The program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which gives you plenty of time to see what the program is about and more importantly, how the weight loss cheat codes work for you. If you decide that you’d rather run on a treadmill for hours upon hours for similar results, then you can do that but let’s be honest here, who would want to exhaust themselves when they don’t have to?

Who is the Creator Behind The Underground Fat Loss Manual

The Underground Fat Loss Manual was created by Matt Marshall, a certified personal trainer. He is also a father and a husband, which is worth taking note of because his health and fitness approach is highly focused just like him – normal people who have a busy life but who want to achieve their goals.

Quick Summary of The Underground Fat Loss Manual

When you hear “cheat codes”, you immediately think about cutting corners and using weight loss tricks that never truly work, such a taking a magic pill or drinking some miracle potion. However, the program is not that. Instead, it has all the weight loss secrets that the industry thrives on.

unconventional tips to lose weight

To help you see that the weight loss tips and instructions you receive in the program are real, safe and healthy, here’s a breakdown of the type of topics and categories discussed:

  • A Cheat Code for Getting Lean
  • Why Single Digit Body Fat
  • Congrats! You’re Fatter Than You Think
  • 100% Mental
  • Normal Diets vs. Bodybuilding Diets Vs. This Method
  • The First 3 Days
  • Days 4-13
  • Day 14: The Cheat/Refeed Day
  • After The First 4 Weeks
  • Maintenance Mode
  • A Collection of Advanced Tips
  • Magic Foods for Fat Loss
  • Hunger
  • Loss of Muscle, Loss of Testosterone and The Monster Under The Bed
  • Family, Friends and Other Obstacles
  • Parting Words

The Verdict

As you can see, The Underground Fat Loss Manual tackles a variety of topics that pertain to your weight loss goals, with an abundance of weight loss tricks and instructions in each. However, it’s worth mentioning that the program doesn’t just tell you what to do.

Instead, it takes the time to educate you on the subject matter so that you can thoroughly understand how it’ll help you achieve sustainable weight loss and bring your body fat levels to 6-8% (12-16% for women). And since the success you have with this program is highly dependent on your commitment to finally making a difference in your life to achieve the health and body you’ve always dreamed of, this is a huge benefit. After all, it can seem impossible to stick with something that you know nothing about or that you have no idea why you’re doing it.

And don’t forget, you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with the program so you truly have nothing to lose. Well, other than body fat, of course.


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