Alternative Daily’s The Secret Lemon Fix Review

Alternative Daily's The Secret Lemon Fix Review

The Secret Lemon Fix is the one thing your life has been lacking all along. If you’ve ever wondered why you get the cold and flu bug every winter season or why you crawl out of bed each morning, it’s because of the way the world is today. Everyone’s life is so packed with harmful chemicals, toxins and pollutants, it’s hard to feel great. You can workout religiously and eat healthy every day, yet still feel sluggish. That’s because you need a detox, and you just found it with The Secret Lemon Fix.

What Is The Secret Lemon Fix About?

The program is a detox but it’s much more than that. It’s a comprehensive guide on how you can capitalize on the powerful benefits found in lemons. While you certainly learn how to use lemons to flush your system and household of toxins, you learn the who’s, what’s, why’s, and when’s as well.

Often times, achieving optimal health is in the finer details – the ones people often forget. You can work out but there are secrets to seeing better results with less effort. You can eat clean but there are tricks to eating better without changing much.  So, this program lays it all out for you. It provides you with all the lemon secrets you’ve been missing out on.

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The Creator Behind The Secret Lemon Fix

Jake Carney is responsible for creating this fabulous program. You’ve likely heard of him before because he also runs a popular healthy living website called, The Alternative Daily. Due to his expertise, Jake has garnered a whopping 470K people on his Facebook page. So, if there’s anyone you should be taking clean-living advice from, this is your guy.

Brief Overview of The Secret Lemon Fix Program

You may be wondering how much one can write about lemons but you’ll be surprised. This program is the most comprehensive guide on lemons that I’ve ever seen and trust me, it’s more exciting than it sounds.

To give you a better understanding as to what you’ll receive with this program, I’ve broken down the following chapters. Enjoy this sneak peek!

  1. The Tart and Powerful Superfood

In this chapter, you learn the benefits of opting for The Secret Lemon Fix, with one of the main ones being that it’s a huge money saver. The knowledge provided throughout the eBook allows you to save an abundance of money.

Lemons are one of the most affordable superfoods out there and for less than a dollar, you can create several different natural remedies. To put it in perspective, you can’t get anything for a dollar anymore, especially detox drinks, cleaning products, beauty supplies, etc.

  1. Fascinating Facts about Lemons

This is a really fun chapter. Just when you think you know what lemons are all about, you find something in here that’ll amaze you. The coolest thing I discovered is that lemons were used to help treat malaria and cholera.

  1. History of Lemons

Understanding the history of lemons helps you understand why The Secret Lemon Fix is such a great success. People have been using lemons for centuries, and in the 1900s, lemons were high-prized as a result of the coal mining industries. People used them to detox their bodies – internally and externally.

In this chapter, you also learn about the different types of lemons. While there are two main varieties, there are many different kinds found under each.

  1. Nutritional Information

In order to appreciate the true value of lemons, you have to know their nutritional information. Achieving optimal health starts with your diet, so sipping lemon tea is a great place to start this new healthy endeavor of yours.

  1. Scientific Research

It’s always good when a program provides facts to support its message. In this chapter, you learn about the scientific evidence that lemons detoxify your body, surroundings and help prevent disease.

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  1. What Lemons Can Do for Your Health

If you want to know why you need this program in your life, skip right to this chapter. Here you’ll learn how lemons can be used to relieve anxiety, maintain blood pressure, improve brain health, protect you against cancer, lower your cholesterol levels, clear your skin, detox your body, and much more.

  1. What Lemons Can Do for Your Home and Beauty

The benefits don’t end there. Head onto this chapter to learn about the various benefits lemons bring to your home and beauty, remove red berry stains, freshen your breath, clean nails, treat dandruff, improve skin, repel insects and much more.

  1. Warm Lemon Water: Super Simple Health Tonic

Warm lemon water is a great habit to get into, especially in the morning as it kick-starts your day.

  1. More on Lemons and Weight Loss

If you’re looking to achieve optimal weight loss, this is where you learn how to do it. Lemons have many benefits that’ll help you reach your goals.

  1. More on Lemons and Cancer

Cancer is so prominent today but if we all started adding lemons into our lives, we might have a standing cancer against this awful disease. Find out how in this chapter.

  1. Lemon Essential Oil

In order to capitalize on the benefits of essential oil, it has to be 100% authentic to ensure the proper amount of concentrate to clean your home, degrease oily hair, boost spirits, etc.

  1. Lemons and Dogs

Lemons bring many benefits to your furry companion as well. Treat ear infections, nick ticks and fleas on site, and much more with these tips.

  1. Growing Lemons

You’re about to become obsessed with lemons. So, learn how to grow your own and save even more money!

You also receive a bonus called How This Part of the Pineapple Kills Inflammation.


So, jump at this opportunity to live a cleaner, better, healthier life. If you decide The Secret Lemon Fix isn’t for you, you can take advantage of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. When life gives you lemons, capitalize on it! I’m handing you a book full of lemons right now. You’ll thank me later.


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