1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is a multi-manual program that will help you bust belly fat once and for all. Based on unique research and one-of-a-kind techniques, you will be able to achieve your goals — starting today! It is flexible, yet effective, helping you finally reach your ideal weight. Best of all, when you adopt the strategies in this program, you will keep the weight off long-term.

Currently, obesity is the leading cause of death within the United States. Leading to issues with the heart, liver, pancreas, and all other aspects of the body, maintaining a healthy weight is critical. This innovative system is meant to help you implement positive action, as you take back control of your health and life.

About 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

This is not a one-size-fits-all program, as many key factors are addressed right from the get-go, including your specific metabolic rate. From your BMI to your blood pressure levels, you will be able to achieve your dream body, without ever feeling as though you’re starving. In fact, this program lists all the wonderful food you can eat — it doesn’t really seem like a ‘diet’ at all.

About the author: This book focuses on Dan Long and his unique strategies. Dan was always a business man and had a love for nutrition, but over the years, he gained a belly and didn’t feel as though he was the best he could be. That all changed when he became more motivated than ever, opening a gym and training 80+ hours a week. He is now dominating within the health and fitness industry, and continues to help people just like you.

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What’s Included within the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet?

When you first begin this program, you’ll be introduced to Dan Long, highlighting his incredible achievements. This gives you confidence that you’re in good hands. Broken down into various manuals, here’s exactly what you can expect:

Diet Manual

This 66-page guide begins with the five key components in terms of this program’s effectiveness. Introducing the power of diet-induced thermogenesis, thermic meal timing, thermic burn with strategic exercise protocol, carb cycling, and strategic overfeed (cheat) hour. If these sound confusing, don’t worry, they’re explained in great detail.

Highlighting some of the core principles within this diet, you will quickly see that it’s unlike any program you’ve tried before — and that’s a good thing! Moving into some of the scientific information regarding leptin, your metabolism, and weight gain, you’ll better understand why you’ve been struggling.

Next, you’ll be introduced to a great strategy, which you will love — overfeed hour. Allowing you to cheat 3 days a week, this overfeed hour plays an important role. Since you will already understand the importance of leptin, you will be able to maximize and restore sensitivity. From getting a lot of sleep to limited omega-6, you will learn all the tips and tricks.

Moving more into the ‘diet’ component, you’ll gain access to a wide range of amazing smoothies, including a peppermint cheesecake smoothie and a low carb shake. From portion sizes to eating times, you will learn it all. For example, on non-training days, have a breakfast smoothie at 7 am, a low carb lunch at 12 pm, and a low carb dinner at 6 pm.

If you’re wondering more about the overfeed session, the guidelines are presented in detail, including eating guilt-free, not stuffing yourself, overfeeding on training day only, don’t plan too much, and more. With plenty of tips, including an acceptable food list, you will be well on your way to success.

This is just the beginning, as there is SO much information to take in. If you would like to start off with the Quick Start Guide, you will find all the key information that is in the Diet Manual, so that you can get started right away. Of course, as you get going, you will rely on the Diet Manual for additional information and guidance.

When investing in this program, you’ll also gain immediate access to:

  • The Progress Tracker
  • Supplementation Recommendations
  • Half Your Size Exercise Guide
  • Eating Out Restaurant Survival Guide
  • Powerful Foods That Shrink Belly Bulge
  • 2-Minute Belly Flab Targeting Solution

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Benefits of the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

Once you access this program, you are taking the first critical step towards a healthier, happier life. Being overweight affects all aspects of your life, including your health, self-esteem, and ability to achieve your long-term goals. After all, when you carry around excess weight, you’re more prone to hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer.

In that sense, the greatest benefit will be your ability to improve your health, based on a healthier weight. The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet is intended to change your life, long-term. Meaning, as you learn what your body needs, you can change your current habits. In addition, you will love:

  • All the bonus material, as this program seems to keep going and going. You will not find a more in-depth program, and as long as you follow it as recommended, you will succeed.
  • The layout is easy to read and understand. Although a complex topic, Dan does a great job explaining everything in detail. It doesn’t matter what your background is, based on the way this program is written, you will understand what you need to do.
  • That you can eat what you want on cheat days, helping you stay on-track. This strategy really does work, as long as you overfeed only on training days.
  • The money back guarantee, resulting in no risk! You can try it for yourself.

In Conclusion

Are you sick of carrying around excess weight, constantly worrying about your future health? If so, you can take action, and the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet will help you do so. It’s time to achieve lasting results, you deserve it — order today!


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