The Woman Men Adore Review

The Woman Men Adore Review

Some women seem to have a magnetizing effect on men; drawing them in like pins. Many of us blunder through life: meeting inappropriate men and getting hurt by relationships as we go. So what is their secret? How are these women so alluring to men?

Bob Grant has created The Woman Men Adore as a blueprint to becoming exactly that type of woman: one who commands a room full of men with just one sultry glance. Someone who never has to pay for her own drinks or carry her own shopping. You’ll notice that this type of woman is not always stunningly beautiful: but she carries a confidence often unrivalled by others.

What Makes ‘The Woman Men Adore’ Different?

What makes The Woman Men Adore stand out from the myriad of relationship guides available is that it offers step-by-step actionable tips and hacks to try at once. When you see the response you’re getting, it vastly improves confidence; giving you a new allure. Empowered by the successes of the small steps, reading the book and continuing to action suggestions will allow you to see rapid results and become one of those garden roses surrounded by bees.

That said, not all readers may want to rush through the book at a fast pace, and this is acceptable to the principles. It’s intended to be a guide, allowing readers to pick and choose which principles they feel apply to them and their situation, rather than following a generic ‘how to’ guide. he reader is at liberty to set their own pace and digest the information; sometimes using visualizations prior to actually implementing steps. It’s this flexibility which makes the guide so popular and unique.

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Who Is Bob Grant?

The exceptional value delivered by this the book lies in the fact that it’s a culmination of over 17 years of relationship counselling experience. As a relationship guidance therapist, Grant is able to charge $175 per hour just for relationship advice. This guide is a goldmine at only $47 and when read and referred to throughout dating life, it will pay for itself multiple times. Absorbing the knowledge bestowed by Bob will bring you a lifetime of love and happiness. As soon as you begin applying these valuable rules to your own dating scenarios you’ll reap the rewards of a happiness and love.

Identifying Previous Mistakes

Bob’s well researched book, obviously written from a man’s perspective allows women to gain valuable insight into common mistakes that can lead to the breakdown of relationships. “Men and women have different strengths that are meant to complement each other,” This seemingly obvious quote depicts something regularly overlooked in male/female relations. Many women pride themselves on their independence; forgetting that men have a primal need to take care of them. This doesn’t necessarily translate as a traditional ‘care taking’ role: maybe the man sometimes needs to be asked his advice or opinion on something.

Learning to value the differences between the way men and women’s hearts and minds work and ultimately to embrace how these male and female traits complement each other is the key to creating a blossoming romance and allowing the man to fulfil his needs.

Competitive Behaviors

Relationship counselors the world over will tell you one thing: relationships are a compromise. Bob’s insight shows the secrets of using a combination of femininity and vulnerability to get a man’s attention; awakening the need to nurture and protect. Women who men adore do not yell: they control their emotions. They do not nag but gently suggest and persuade; often allowing the man to think it is he who come up with the solution.

Even the way you use your voice has a primal impact on a man. Turning harsh and shrill will make him think he’s being controlled, whereas speaking softly helps build trust. This is when a woman has the most influence over her man: when he feels safe enough to let her influence him.

Displaying defensive behaviour and shouting exhibits the more masculine trait of competition. This is explained by Grant when he says “Men do not respond to lectures, being shamed, or being yelled at, because all of those things are competitive”. A woman who can calmly expresses herself and her feelings to him, without threatening or accusing him is the type of woman men adore.

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This does not mean Bob Grant advocates the simpering women at all. Rather, the philosophy of Grant’s book can be distiled into one quotation “By learning to put your heart ahead of any man, you will have more influence over men than you could have ever imagined.” The Woman Men Adore guide offers women strategies to influence men but in doing so; they remain in control. Used and embodied correctly, it empowers women to becoming the woman you never thought you could be: true to herself and in control of her emotions. Men find this type of woman alluring and irresistible.


Men can benefit from reading ‘The Woman Men Adore’ guide because Bob has a succinct way of describing some of their natural urges and allows men to get in touch with their feelings. Women love to feel they can confide in men and reading the book helps you remember your best attributes and learn to be proud of who you are. It discusses the way in which you can distinguish between your real feelings and those which are really just; reconnecting your heart and soul.

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave describes the relationship between resentment and forgiveness. Bob identifies a common problem faced by many couples: resentment and suppressed anger and how this begins to affect a woman in her priority place: the heart. Resentment that builds over time can suddenly destroy a relationship; leaving the man at a loss as to where things went wrong. Bob’s advises on what it really means to forgive and strategizes how to accomplish forgiveness in an enlightening way. Through conversation and effective communication couples can overcome obstacles.

The Woman Men Adore program is a complete guide to relationships and effective and interesting reading for men and women: single, dating or married.


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