Reading Head Start Review

Reading Head Start Review

Reading Head Start finally gives parents the control they’ve been looking for within their child’s education. There are so many things we, as parents, can’t control when it comes to the classroom but ironically, we are the first ones to get blamed when our children fall behind. Fortunately, the creator of Reading Head Start, an English teacher for over 14 years, recognized that the problem with a child’s reading difficulties has nothing to do with the parents, the teachers or even what’s being taught inside the classroom. Instead, the problem is what isn’t being taught inside the classrooms and that’s exactly what this program is all about.

About the Reading Head Start Program

Reading Head Start is an online program designed specifically for children between the ages of 1 to 9, with the sole mission to improve children’s reading levels by focusing on teaching them the foundations of the English language. This is incredibly important because, over the years, teachers have become more crammed, curriculums have been scrunched and little time is spent teaching children the characters of individual letters. Sure, children get taught that an “A is for apple”, but rarely are they taught the sounds of an “A” and how the sound changes depending on the letters it’s paired with, or the word it’s added to or subtracted from. And that, in a nut shell, is what this program is all about.

Reading Head Start teaches children the letters, so they can then start to read sentences, passages and stories based on the letters and words they’ve learned.

But don’t be mistaken; this program is much more than that. It isn’t just some boring “homework” you have to try to get your child to complete. Instead, everything from the worksheets to the short passages, lesson plans, activities and printables have been carefully designed to captivate and excite children about learning and reading.

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For example, the entire program is online which, as much as us parents and teachers don’t want to admit, is crucial for kids today because everything they do is now online. Put them in front of a physical worksheet and they won’t want to complete it; put them in front of an iPad with educational content, and they’ll happily click through the steps.

Additionally, the stories, themes and designs of the activities are designed to suit your child’s age group, and it changes as your child progress through the various reading levels. It’s quite amazing! You can start on lesson 1 which updates and progresses as your child completes the steps, or you can choose an activity based on your child’s grade level, and then upgrade from there. You actually have so much control over what your child is learning, which allows you to find where their confusion is, teach them what they don’t understand, and then progress from there. Otherwise, trying to figure out why your child isn’t reading at grade level or what they don’t understand can seem impossible. So, big kudos to the program for this one!

Now, there are many other things worth mentioning such as, the Reading Head Start is used by over 5 million families, has won awards, is certified, is parent-approved and is often recommended by teachers and parents as being one of the best, most effective and most kid-loved reading programs available.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the program, which is more than enough time to access the digital content and determine whether it’s for your child. However, it’s worth mentioning that all of the information provided within Reading Head Start is scientifically proven and the methods have also been proven to improve children’s reading levels up to 2 to 5 times their peers. To me, that says more than what any 60 Day Money Back Guarantee can provide.

About the Author of Reading Head Start

Sarah Shepard, an English teacher for over 14 years, is the creator of this program. She’s also a wife and mother of three, and it was only when her own child started falling behind in school that she realized the problem had nothing to do with her, or the teacher or the school. Instead, the problem was that the foundations of the English language aren’t focused on prior to asking kids to read a full sentence. And that’s when she created this program.

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Overview of the Reading Head Start Program

Reading Head Start is such a comprehensive, well-thought-out, strategic and progressive program, designed for children between the ages of 12 months and 9 years. So, it would be quite impossible to sum it up entirely. So, I’ve decided to give you a bit more information about the type of reading activities provided throughout to help you have a better understand of the programs true value.

  • Lesson Plans

The lesson plans provided throughout the program are step-by-step plans to improving a child’s reading level. However, lesson plans are often used by teaches but there’s nothing that says parents can’t use these detailed, step-by-step lessons to further their child’s reading skills.

  • Printable flashcards and letter books

Two of the most traditional forms of educational activities that have been used for centuries are flashcards and letter books, and they’re just as effective today. There are many flashcards and letters books to download, which I personally liked because like the rest of the program, these educational activities have proven to work wonders.

  • Short passages

One of the most unique activities offered with the program is the short passages, which teach children to read based on the words they were taught in their most recent lesson/activity

  • Worksheets

You simply can’t ever have too many fun and educational worksheets, as they keep your child engaged and learning. These colorful and fun worksheets are accessed digitally, and are certain to get your child engaged in reading.

A child’s education is priceless, and you get a whole lot of bang for your buck when you opt for Reading Head Start. So, if your child is starting to form words, has fallen behind their peers academically or needs an educational boost, this is the way to do it. After all, it’s proven to work!


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