My Cellulite Solution Review

My Cellulite Solution Review

My Cellulite Solution is going to get down to the root of the problem, instead of rubbing some expensive “skin-tightening” cream on it. What a breath of fresh air. After all, you too have likely fallen culprit to all of the voodoo potions, weird lotions and faulty creams that claim to reverse cellulite but actually do nothing more than moisture it! In fact, you’ve probably tried so many things that you’re convinced that cellulite is just a part of aging. But don’t give up just yet. I put my body to the test to see just how effective the My Cellulite Solution is and here’s what I discovered.

About the ‘My Cellulite Solution’ Program

My Cellulite Solution is a 3-step system that’s designed to get to the root of cellulite, so that it can destroy the main cause. You receive a written manual, as well as a video library of all the exercises.

The My Cellulite Solution is highly focused on:

  • 3D movement technology that stimulates your lower body muscles
  • Tempo training that targets twitch muscle fibres
  • Unique movement sequences that reduce cellulite

It uses specific exercises, tempos and workout sequences that target those cellulite-prone areas. You even receive a 4-Week Plan. So, you’re never left wondering what to do, nor do you have to worry about what to do. Just follow the calendar, and everything is taken care of for you.

The exercises only take approximately 20 minutes a day, making this program exceptionally easy to implement into your busy lifestyle. You also start to see dramatic results in as little as 7 – 10 days. So, you’ll quickly see that the 20 minutes a day is well worth it.

However, the My Cellulite Solution isn’t just about executing specific movements to tackle the root cause of cellulite. It also includes dietary advice and recommendations, as well as a huge chapter on supplement recommendations. This instantly turns the system into a comprehensive health and fitness program, instead of just an exercise regime.

The best part? It’s all online, which allows you to get started right now – or whenever you want. You don’t have to pay or wait for shipping, nor do you have to worry about an embarrassing “I have cellulite all over my booty!” book sitting out on your coffee table when surprise guests pop over.

All you do is download the content onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and simply do the reading and refer back to the content as needed. I do recommend downloading it onto your laptop or desktop because there are videos which can take up a lot of space. However, all the exercise videos also come in written form in the main manual. So, to each their own. It really comes down to preference.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when you purchase the program which is more than enough time to try out the plan, execute the tips and see results. If you decide it isn’t for you, you can opt for your money back, hassle-free.

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About the Creator of ‘My Cellulite Solution’

This program is designed specifically for women, since women are the more prone to cellulite. Lucky us, right? So, it might seem odd that a man is the creator behind this program. However, if there’s any man to receive health and fitness advice from, you’ll want it to be this guy!

Gavin Walsh is known as one of the world’s top fitness and fat loss experts. He’s so renowned that he’s been featured in Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan Bazaar, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and many more. So, don’t be deterred simply because he’s a man because Gavin is a man who knows what he’s talking about and his long list of expertise and experience proves that to be true.

Overview of the ‘My Cellulite Solution’ Program

The 3-Step System that makes up the My Cellulite Solution is fairly straight-forward and easy. It tells you, (and shows you via the video series) the workouts to do and on which days, if you follow the calendar. However, as mentioned, it’s also significantly more elaborate than that. Sure, you receive the exercises but you also learn why these specific movements work and what they’ll be doing to tackle the root cause of your cellulite.

To give you a better understanding of what you’ll learn and get from this program, I’ve decided to give you a sneak peek at the topics covered.

The Main Manual

  • Quick Start to “Lumpy Legs”
  • Cellulite Elimination Training
    • Slow Burn
    • Velocity
    • Ascend
    • 4-Week Workout Plan
  • Recovery
    • Eat
    • Sleep
    • Walk
    • Post Workout
  • Cellulite Elimination Diet
    • Diet Structure
  • Supplements
    • 8 Recommendations
  • Exercise Library
    • 20 Detailed Instructions for Each Movement

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At first glance, it might not seem like a lot but don’t be mistaken. All of your questions, concerns and curiosities get answered. You’re never left wondering what to do. That’s also not to mention that aside from the written manual, you also receive access to the video library which includes detailed, clearly-instructed workout videos specific for each movement. So, if you unsure as to how to do a specific movement, want to check to make sure your form is proper, or simply prefer to learn the movements via video, you’ll love this section.

As a bonus, the creator also provides you with a free anti-aging plan DVD, created by Dr. Kareem. It includes five more exercises designed to boost your metabolism while also trimming, tightening and redefining your body.

Now, considering you get all of this with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Well, other than the unsightly bumps on your legs, thighs and buttocks. So, let’s get your self-confidence back to where it deserves to be! Start the My Cellulite Solution and in as little as a week, you’ll be looking in the mirror astonished by the results. At the very least, you’ll definitely be wondering why you didn’t start this regime sooner. So, start today.


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