Eat Stop Eat Review

eat stop eat review

Eat Stop Eat is one of the most popular diets on the internet and it claims to give you the secret for losing fat without dieting or having to miss out on eating delicious foods? This eating strategy will help you to get lean without sacrificing your energy levels or causing you to lose muscle.

Fasting is not a new idea – it has been practiced by people in many different religions for thousands of years. People have fasted as a form of religious devotion, or during periods of food scarcity.

The term intermittent fasting might seem complex – but it’s simply the practice of going for set periods of time without eating. We all do a form of intermittent fasting every day – we call it sleeping. The time between your evening meal and your breakfast the next morning (breaking your fast, hence the term) is a fasting interval.

About Eat Stop Eat

The Eat Stop Eat program is all about intermittent fasting, which is a remarkably simple strategy that you can use to help you to lose weight and improve your health. Fasting is simply the act of abstaining for any food for a specific period of time. When you are intermittent fasting you will be fasting for a short term, followed by a period of eating, then following that with another period of fasting.

Intermittent fasting has a number of benefits. It will help you to lose fat, decrease inflammation, improve your metabolism and enhance your insulin sensitivity. When you follow this habit, you will find that your skin will become clearer and tighter, you will start to look slimmer and you will feel much healthier.

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About the Author

The Eat Stop Eat program has been created by a man named Brad Pilon, who is considered an expert in the science of weight loss and nutrition. He is from a small suburb of Toronto, Canada and he became interested in weightlifting and fitness at a very early age.

He studied Applied Human Nutrition at University and he has worked for supplement companies and travelled all over the world. His experience with one of the top supplement companies in the world allowed him to have some amazing experiences in the world of body building, including getting to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mr. Olympia champions. He left this position in order to go back to school and study Protein Synthesis, Leucine and how the body works.

While at university he began to focus on the metabolic effect of Short Term Fasting. He did a lot of research and discovered many fascinating insights – which he was then able to include in the Eat Stop Eat program.

Summary of Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat explains why intermittent fasting can be a very powerful strategy for weight loss. In our modern society we can eat all day long, so we do. We put food in our bodies at the slightest sign of hunger or even cravings or boredom – regardless of whether we need the calories. This contributes to obesity and a number of health problems. However, in earlier stages of human evolution there were times when food was scarce and we didn’t eat as regularly.

Once you start the habit of intermittent fasting you will learn that not only does the human body not need to eat three full meals per day – this is actually probably too many calories per day, especially for most of us who have a largely sedentary lifestyle. The standard diet in the developed world means that we eat more than we burn – which will always lead to weight gain over time.

The Eat Stop Eat program will show you how to get started with intermittent fasting, so that you will know when to eat and when to fast in order to get the best results.

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Benefits of Eat Stop Eat

One of the reasons why many people find the Eat Stop Eat program to be so effective is that it means you don’t have to limit yourself and avoid eating the foods you really enjoy. You still get to eat any type of food you want and you don’t have to count calories, you just have to wait during the predetermined period and not eat any food at all. Also, this type of eating plan is much less confusing than other diets where you have to cut out an entire food group such as carbs or fat. When you are not in a fasting period, you will be able to eat whatever food you choose.

The fasting days can be a little bit difficult to get through, but you can drink tea and black coffee and focus your mind on other things and overcome the hunger. It’s helpful knowing that you are not going to be hungry forever – all you have to do is last until the fast is over and then you can eat anything you like.

Also, since our typical diet often contains chemical additives and highly processed ingredients, by fasting you will also abstain from these toxins for periods of time as well. Plus, another odd benefit is that you will save money on food as you will be abstaining from eating any food during set periods throughout the week. The money you would have spent on lunch during your “fasting days” can really add up and you can spend it on something else to reward yourself for your weight loss success.


Eat Stop Eat is a very intriguing program that can offer a great solution for weight loss, as well as other benefits such as reducing inflammation and balancing your metabolism. If you want to give it a try, the good news is that the Eat Stop Eat program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

This means that if you use it and it doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is send an email and you will get your money back- with no questions asked. This gives you the opportunity to try the program and make sure it works – without any risk.


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