Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Review

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Review

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions is bringing incremental progressions into your weightlifting training. Most people walk into the gym with the goal of lifting more weights than they did the last time. However, doing so can not only put your body under an intense amount of unnecessary pressure but it can also slow down your weight lifting gains significantly. Sometimes, less is more and that’s certainly the case when it comes to lifting weights but it’s a little more complicated than just lowering your weights and pumping out more reps. So, Eat Stop Eat: Progressions breaks it down for you in this straight-forward, visual guide to achieving maximum results by lifting smarter.

What is Eat Stop Eat: Progressions About?

There’s a common misconception that in order to get stronger, you have to lift heavier weights. Most people walk into the gym with the mission to see just how much they can lift, as opposed to seeing progress. Eat Stop Eat: Progressions brings this to the forefront and while doing so, it acts as the ultimate guide to lifting the appropriate amount of weights for the right number of reps to maximize your results. It’s all about incremental progressions.

Put simply, adding incremental progressions into your workout means that you’ll be increasing and lowering the weight you lift, along with the reps you do, depending on the specifics. For example:

You lift 200 pounds for 10 reps.

The next day, instead of lifting 220 for (realistically) 3 reps, the guide may suggest that you lower the weight to 190 for 15 reps. Then, the next time you’re at the gym, you can increase the weight to the 220 and (realistically) do 7 reps.

In other words, using incremental progressions allows you to ultimately lift more by taking a step backward. However, you aren’t always lowering the weight and increasing the reps. Sometimes, you’re doing quite the opposite. It’s all about timing which is exactly what Eat Stop Eat: Progressions teaches you.

Eat Stop Eat Progressions Table of Contents

The Table of Contents for Eat Stop Eat: Progressions

More importantly, it doesn’t just teach you how to infuse your gym sessions with incremental progressions; it shows you. The program is broken down into different sections, some of which are designed to be your workout guide and others that teach you how to properly do incremental progressions.  They are:

  • An Introduction to Pilon’s Progressions
  • How to Use the Progressions
  • Example of Progressions Chart
  • Pilon’s Progressions (Pounds and Kilogram Versions)
  • Brad’s Workout

You also receive two extra bonus programs at absolutely no extra charge, which are:

  • 7-Minute Fat Burning Cardio Collection
  • 3-Minute Lower Belly Flatteners

All of this is provided to you as soon as you purchase the program. So, there’s no need to wait for a package to arrive in the mail. You just download the program’s content onto the tech device of your choice and access it the next time you work out. This allows you to follow infuse incremental progressions into your gym sessions, whenever and wherever you go.

Additionally, you receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with the program which is more than enough time to start the program and maximize your results.

Who is the Author of Eat Stop Eat: Progressions?

If you’ve never heard of Brad Pilon before, you either live under a rock or you’re new to the fitness world because this man is known everywhere. He is hailed as being one of the top fitness gurus in the entire industry and has produced many successful health and fitness programs, such as Eat Stop Eat (the diet version), Thin Air, Good Belly Bad Bely and How Much Protein.

Prior to getting into the fitness industry, he was a Research Analyst and Development Manager working in the supplement industry. Brad also has his Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition. Needless to say, he’s a good guy to take health, fitness, and diet advice from.

Quick Summary of Eat Stop Eat: Progressions Program

Eat Stop Eat: Progressions is a comprehensive guide, without any of the nonsense. Unlike so many programs out there, you aren’t required to read through chapters of testimonials and pages of the author’s story. You’re provided with what you need to succeed and maximize your results – information, workout charts and workout samples.

To give you a better understanding of what you receive when you start this program, here’s a breakdown of the different sections:

An Introduction to Pilon’s Progressions

If you have no idea what incremental progressions are and want to know before getting started, this is a good chapter to read. Otherwise, you can head right onto the next.

Eat Stop Eat Progressions Method

How to Use the Progressions

This chapter provides you with various techniques you can try, along with tips on how to use progressions to maximize your results.

Example of Progressions Chart in Use

Just as the name reads, this is where you find an example of a progression chart. You can print it out if you want something to reference back to quickly. Mind you, remember that this program can be downloaded right onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So, it’s pretty much available to you at all times as long as you have some form of tech.

You also find a handful of helpful workout tips in this section, along with sample exercises to do.

Pilon’s Progressions (Pounds and Kilograms Version)

If you’re looking for the meat of the program, this is where you’ll find it. Pilon’s Progressions includes pages and pages and pages of incremental progressions for all different weight amounts. So, whether you’re also lifting 300 lbs. or are starting at 100 lbs, there’s a chart for you to follow.

Additionally, all of the charts have the weight repetitions, and e1RM listed. So, you just have to pick the workout you’re doing, find the weight and go from there.

Brad’s Workout

This is where you receive the actual work out regimes the creator follows. There are several work out plans to choose from to ensure there’s a plan for every fitness level – one that’s basic but effective, one for advanced training, one for experienced strength and one for super abbreviated but more frequent progressions.

You also receive some sample weeks that you can apply to your own gym sessions.


Eat Stop Eat: Progressions cuts the crap and gets right down to the stuff that matters – incremental progressions that will maximize your results. Add in the two bonus programs along with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and you really have nothing to lose… Other than bad weight training habits, that is.


Download Eat Stop Eat: Progressions PDF