Revolutionary Sex 3.0 Review

Revolutionary Sex 3.0 Review

Revolutionary Sex 3.0 is the only program you need to become the type of guy you’ve always wanted to be in between the sheets. Whether you’re stricken with performance anxiety and struggle with your confidence when faced with sex or are a self-proclaimed sex God but want to become even better, then you’ve come to the right place.

About the Revolutionary Sex 3.0 Program

Let’s get into the good stuff! Revolutionary Sex 3.0 is an online program you receive access to as soon as you make the purchase. So, there’s no need to pay for shipping, waiting for it to arrive and then worrying about people finding your “secret book” when they’re at your home. Plus, this means you can go through the contents at your own pace and wherever you please since you can download the program on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Once you do that, you’re ready to head into the true depths of Revolutionary Sex 3.0. Pardon the pun. Although the program only includes three chapters, they’re incredibly extensive and cover everything you could ever ask for. You also receive a second portion that covers rejection and a bonus program on prostate massages and how they’ll enhance your sexual pleasure. Don’t make the mistake of overlooked these two extras.

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About the Creator of Revolutionary Sex 3.0

The creator of Revolutionary Sex 3.0 is Alex Allman, a man just like you and I. At a young age, he noticed he had a severe case of performance anxiety which ultimately messed up his confidence levels, pleasure, and everything else you could imagine. So, he went on a mission to find out everything he could about what women want and how to provide just that – and more. And as you may have guessed, everything he discovered is found within the program.

Overview of the Revolutionary Sex 3.0 Program

It can be difficult to understand the true value of an online program without being able to skim through it first like you can a book at a store. So, I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite things you learn from each chapter.

The first chapter is all about you. Since you likely purchased this program because you feel there’s something wrong with you or that you’re lacking in the bedroom, don’t skip over this chapter because it’s the stepping stone to the next. In other words, you can’t head onto chapter two until you’ve completed this one.

It covers everything from being sexually attractive to treating performance anxiety, lasting longer in between the sheets and more. It focuses a lot on confidence and passion – two things women desire – but more importantly, it teaches you how to find those within yourself. As soon as you figure those two things out, being sexually attractive and overcoming performance anxiety quickly happen.

As for my favorite thing I learned in this chapter, it was this – “One of the most common reasons that mean come too quickly is bad habits learned while jacking off.” And you find out what those habits are and what to do about it.

Chapter two is all about her, from the female anatomy to women coming, squirting, having multiple orgasms, anal sex, and more. Everything you’ve ever wondered about women in terms of sex can be found here.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking – you know the female body. Well, ask any women and you’d be surprised how many of them talk about men thinking they’re stimulating the right areas but that are actually so far off. So, don’t go into this chapter with a cocky mindset. Again, pardon the pun.

Instead, take the time to learn everything mentioned because as you’re about to find out, what you thought you knew about pleasuring women is nothing at all. After all, you purchased this program for a reason and the majority of answers to your concerns are found in this chapter. And the diagrams definitely help figure out what you should be doing with your fingers, tongue, penis, toys, etc.

My favorite part of this chapter was the various sex positions you learn and of course, the back door section. “The only way to persuade a woman to do anything is by appealing to her emotions and feelings about that thing [anal play]… You cannot logically convince a woman to have anal sex by telling her that most other women, once they’ve tried it, enjoyed it.” How many of us men can relate to going into this topic the wrong way? Well, now you can learn the right way to approach the back door.

The third chapter puts everything you learned from the first and second into one, as it focuses on “together”.  This is where you learn about intimacy, communication, fantasy and other secrets to take full control of your sexual pleasure, along with hers as you drive pleasure into her body. My favorite part? “When you tell [a woman] exactly what you want, it shows not only dominance but decisiveness, confidence and self-knowledge… that increase the sexual tension and excitement of the situation… When you share fantasies with a woman, you are using this powerful part of your brain to augment her feelings of sexual pleasure.”

The dirty talk section is also amazing!

The Verdict

So, it’s time for you to stop reading the sneak peeks and finally explore the Revolutionary Sex 3.0. Learn how to take control of a woman’s sexual response and you’ll wonder why you put up with mediocre sex for so long.

Plus, the program gives you a full 60 Days to execute what you’ve learned. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund but there’s no way in hell anyone would be silly enough to actually give up the sex tips found in Revolutionary Sex 3.0!


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