How To Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love Review

how to kiss a man to make him fall in love review

How to Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love teaches you how to really kiss a man. Kissing is the key to locking in chemistry and it’s much more than just the physical aspect. It’s the secret to having better sex, a better relationship, and ultimately, a better life together. People often mistake kissing as something you do to greet the one you love but it should be something you do to keep the spark alive. However, not all kisses are created equally, which is why many people experience difficulties in their relationship as times goes on. So, if your relationship is on the rocks or you’re looking for the love of your life, this is a great place to start.

About the ‘How To Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love’ Program

Although kissing is a very physical act one does with those they care about, you would be surprised at how many people kiss without any intimacy at all.  However, kissing is all about chemistry and that’s what this program is about. It teaches you the important things to remember when kissing, why you do it, why animals do it, the different types of kissing, what each means, and well, the list goes on.

To put it simply, this is the ultimate guide to kissing.

how to give him a memorable kiss

About the Author

Michael Fiore is the founder and CEO of Digital Romance Inc., which is a platform that helps people within their relationships. His extensive knowledge and passion to help people quickly turned into a career. This is when he realized that he had the secrets many people lack within their relationships. So, as Digital Romance Inc. thrived, he decided to narrow in on one topic that could change the game altogether – kissing.

Brief Overview of the ‘How To Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love’ Program

The first thing everyone should know about the program is that each chapter comes in PDF form and as an audio. So, you can choose which ones appeals to you most which makes the program easy and enjoyable.

It’s also all online. There’s no need to pay for shipping, wait for a package, or wait at all. As soon as you purchase the program, you receive immediate access online. You can save the chapters to your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, or you can read it right within the member’s platform. If you don’t have the Internet at all times, definitely download it so you can do some reading whenever you choose.

To give you a better understanding of the program, I’ve broken down some of my favorite parts!

The Chemistry of Kissing

  • Kissing 101
  • Cinematic Kisses
  • Kissing Review

The first chapter is so entertaining and honest, you’ll be hooked. My favorite part is when it discusses why we kiss, swap saliva, and close our eyes, which is really weird when you think about it.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the cinematic kisses, which picks classic kiss scenes from popular movies and explains why or why it wasn’t a good kiss. As funny as it sounds, this section is full of some really useful tips.

Kissing Mindset

  • A Kiss is a Conversation
  • Listening with your Mouth

The second module is really interesting. It explores all of the avenues of kissing you’ve likely never thought of before. For example, it explains how a kiss is a heart-to-heart conversion without saying anything at all – and it’s true! We kiss to show someone else how we feel.

It also talks about what a “bad” kiss is, will clear up any doubts you have about your kissing skill. More importantly, it teaches you how to fix your kiss.  It’s all about listening with your mouth and being present in the moment, which is much harder than it sounds. So, don’t skip over this chapter.

The best part? It teaches you what to do if your partner is the bad kisser!

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Being a Phenomenal Kisser

  • 8 Steps to being a Phenomenal Kisser
  • Man melting Kisses

This is where you get into the good stuff; where you learn how to kiss like a pro. This chapter offers several steps, tricks, and tips to becoming one hell of a great kisser. What may surprise you is that kissing is just as much about the approach as it is the kiss itself. More importantly, if this does surprise you, you need the How to Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love Program.

One of my favorite techniques is the kissing meditation. It’s where you pause and gain his attention. It’s so romantic and sexy – definitely a tip every lady out there can use!

The Man Melting Kisses goes onto what type of kiss to give for each intention. For example, if you want to set passionate fires, there’s a kiss for that; if you want to tease, the tip lease or lip nibbler is for you. You’ll be amazed at how many types of kisses are out there!

Kissing on the First Date

Just as the chapter reads, this portion of the program is all about kissing on the first date. But it’s more than that. It’s about captivating a man with a memorable kiss that he won’t be able to stop thinking about. This section is full of tips that’ll turn your dates around!

Kissing FAQ

If your kissing questions weren’t answered in the chapters, which they likely are, you have the Kissing FAQ section. If something was left out, you’ll find it here.

As a bonus, you also receive some extra content, which furthers your dating, loving, kissing, chemistry, intimacy, relationships, life – and absolutely everything else.

  • When To Sleep with a Man
  • Magnetic Lips
  • Relationship Time Machine

The Verdict

To say this is a program about kissing is a serious understatement. It’s a comprehensive dating and relationship guide based on one of the sincerest forms of chemistry – kissing. Even if you discover you’re already an amazing kisser, the extra tips provided will help you spruce up your relationship as a whole. And if you don’t want to do just that, then you can always opt for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee but obviously, you’re here for a reason. So, keep your relationship, turn up the heat, and start kissing better with How to Kiss a Man To Make Him Fall In Love program.


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