Kelley Herring Better Breads Review

Kelley Herring Better Breads Review

Better Breads is a 3-book cooking program that will allow you to enjoy the foods you love, without consuming high-glycemic ingredients and harmful additives. Encouraging you to bake gluten-free breads, in addition to low-glycemic breakfasts and low carb treats, you can enjoy the foods you love without the fuss.

Better Breads is intended for anyone who loves to bake, or for those who are learning how to make their own delicious and nutritious gluten-free breads, crusts, and other irresistible dishes. Although these recipes are intended for those who would like to reduce or eliminate their intake of grains, each recipe can be modified for a wide range of allergies or health concerns.

About the Better Breads Program

Offering three incredible cookbooks, the main guide is Better Breads’ — offering up 25 amazing Paleo, gluten-free recipes. Traditional breads have been connected to a wide range of health problems, especially for those who suffer from blood sugar issues. Each recipe encourages you to use ingredients that support optimal health, teaching you the importance of optimal nutrition.

You will not only gain access to amazing recipes, but also dozens of baking and health-related tips. After reading this program in-full, you will never look at bread the same again. More importantly, once you taste the difference, making one recipe after the other, you will never go back to traditional, low-nutrient options again.

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About the author: Kelley Herring has always been fascinated by the body’s ability to heal — especially when given the right nutritional tools. She is the CEO of Healing Gourmet, and has built a reputation as an authority figure in holistic healing and optimal nutrition.  She has dedicated her life and business to helping others, encouraging them to live a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

What’s Included in the Better Breads Program?

Before you dive into each recipe, Kelley will help you stock your pantry. For example:

  • Instead of flour, she suggests creamed coconut, which is actually a ground coconut meat paste. High in healthy fats and fiber, it’s a great alternative. From almond flour to coconut flour, you will be introduced to numerous possibilities — all which support your taste buds and health.
  • To replace gluten, you will be provided with another alternative list, including options such as psyllium husk powder. This portion of the cookbook continues with rising agent alternatives, sweetener alternatives, moisturizer alternatives, and even seasoning alternatives.

After you ‘re-vamp’ your pantry, you will learn some quick and easy recipes for options such as Paleo cream ‘cheese’ — or grain-free baking powder. As you prepare to make some incredible recipes, you will learn what tools are required to achieve the best possible results. These tools are likely already sitting in your kitchen, such as a hand mixer and a cast iron pan.

You will quickly learn that baking is a science, period. Meaning, in order to achieve a fluffy bread or a chewy crust, you will need to understand the importance of measuring properly. You will be provided with incredible tips and ‘loaf lingo’ — which will allow you to become a pro in no time.

In order to become a pro in the kitchen, you need to understand conversion rates. The cheat sheet provided is an amazing resource, helping you quickly and easily convert temperature differences (degrees F to degrees C) and volume difference (U.S Volume to Metric Volume).

Do you suffer from allergies or metabolic issues? Perhaps you have diabetes?

If so, you will learn how these recipes will benefit your health, before diving into the importance of balancing your omega-3 and omega-6 intake. Unlike vegetable oils, which yield far too much omega-6, the recipes in the book offer an average ratio of 1:1 (omega-3:omega-6).

Have you ever wondered what a Paleo diet truly is? Well, look no further. You will learn all about this ancestral diet, and how Better Breads follows this unique, traditional lifestyle. Next, the moment you’ve been waiting for — Baking the Best Bread. Learn top tips regarding yeast breads and quick breads, followed by 25 amazing recipes, such as:

  • Paleo vegan breakfast bread
  • Zucchini panini bread
  • Lemon-thyme zucchini bread
  • Better banana bread

Each recipe includes nutritional information, helping you plan according to your dietary needs. After you work your way through Better Breads, you will also gain access to:

  1. Better Breakfasts (15 low-glycemic, gluten-free pancakes, waffles, popovers, french toast, muffins and more).
  2. Crusts — Crackers and Crisps (5 crunchy-chewy, gluten-free Paleo and low carb treats).

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The Benefits of Better Breads Program

The benefits associated with the program are endless. Of course, you will learn how to bake amazing breads, in addition to other delicious recipes — but you will also gain advice regarding your health. Some of the top benefits include:

  • A well-written, highly informative program that will allow you to eat delicious breads, without negatively affecting your health. Best of all, if you suffer from a specific condition or allergy, these recipes will help you overcome the challenges you currently face.
  • Better Breads is incredibly unique, offering amazing advice, all within one easy-to-read book. There are plenty of tips included, helping you make healthier decisions, all while becoming an advanced baker. It will inspire you to make positive changes — and best of all, it’s fun! Learning how to bake is rewarding, and is something you can teach your loved ones.
  • This series of books is so amazing, that Kelley offers a money back guarantee. She is confident that you will love the recipes, while learning more about a healthy, balanced diet. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. As you take advantage of the advice throughout, you will not only improve your health (especially for those who suffer from allergies or specific conditions), but also enjoy amazing recipes for the first time.

In Summary

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate baker, everyone can benefit from Better Breads. It will help you make key changes within your diet, that will support optimal health and prevent glycemic-related diseases. Are you ready to become a pro gluten-free baker? If so, order this amazing product today!


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