What Men Secretly Want Review

What Men Secretly Want Review

What Men Secretly Want is a 132-page eBook guide that explains how men thinks and how you can exploit it to your advantage. If you’re looking for ways to make a man fall in love with you, or to have your boyfriend/husband become interested in you again, then this is the guide to check out!

There’s no denying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and What Men Secretly Want gets to the bottom of it. As a woman myself, let me reassure you that females are much more complicated than men. So, we’re already a step ahead of the dating game because men can be figured out, whereas what women want will always remain a mystery.

Bottom line: Dating sucks but in reality, it really is just a game. Dating is like a big puzzle. It’s all about finding a combination that makes you the most appealing to the other sex. While every man likes something different, there are some things that all find incredibly irresistible. These are the kinds of things that make men want to commit and put a ring on it. So, whether you’re single and looking for the perfect match or are eager to make your boyfriend finally commit after all of these years, this program can help you get what you want out of the relationship. It’s the epitome of all those memes floating around on social media about “What a Man Says VS. What He Actually Means.”

About What Men Secretly Want Program

In order to get what you want from a man you need to first learn how to truly understand them. While this may seem like an impossible task at first, What Men Secretly Want teaches you the loophole found in a man’s mind. This loophole is a secret that allows you to, for lack of better words, manipulate the system so you can get the guy you want and better yet, get him to commit.

It starts by teaching you how to determine exactly what men are thinking. By doing so, you can make him see that you’re the perfect woman for him, the perfect companion, and someone he simply can’t live without. Most men have a problem committing because the relationship has a “gap” which ultimately prevents their brain from thinking long-term. By learning how to fill the gap, you can finally have a successful, happy, and romantic relationship. You just have to tap into the mind of a man.

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About the Author of the Program

James Bauer is a renowned relationship consultant. After several chats with his female friends, he quickly noticed that a lot of women find themselves struggling with the same things within a relationship. A lack of commitment, flakiness or in worst case scenarios, ghosting. This is a modern term used to describe when a man suddenly disappears and stops responding to your text messages, despite being thoroughly involved previously. You know, the kinds of things women have absolutely no explanation for.

Being the man and relationship coach that James Bauer is, he knew exactly why men do these kinds of things. So, he created this powerful and world-changing e-Book that is everything you’ll ever need to tap into the brain of a man.

Overview of What Men Secretly Want

The What Men Secretly Want program starts by breaking down the actions of a man. You first learn why men have difficulties expressing complex feelings and emotions, and what they often do to accommodate such problems. You also learn how their high testosterone levels; mental and emotional state affect the way they view your relationship. Now, that’s only a sneak peek because I can’t give everything away. What I can tell you is that you start the program off by putting yourself in his shoes.

It turns out, men would rather be respected than loved. This was further confirmed in the results of a survey conducted by Shaunti Feldhand.  In fact, most men couldn’t even fathom or explain the differences between love and respect. This is important information because women naturally want to shower their man with love. However, what your man really wants is respect. It’s not that they don’t want your love but rather, they equate respect with love. In other words, the respect principal is the best way to get any man to commit to you.

Once you get inside of the brain, it’s time to learn what to do with the newfound information. This is when you get to learn about the things men really want from a lifelong partner. For example, men need independence and are insecure when they feel like they can’t do something. This is particularly why so many men refuse to ask for directions and would rather drive around in circles. Feeling competent is a primal driving force in all men. So, if you can make a man feel great about their accomplishments, they’ll be at your mercy.

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The Pros of the Program

The benefits are obvious. You get the man you want and all the commitment you desire. As you start to read it, everything suddenly comes into place – everything starts to make sense. You finally start seeing things from a guy’s perspective, and this decreases stress within relationships and can even make the love stronger than ever before.

The program is also digital, which means you can access it as soon as you purchase it. Gone are the days of paying for shipping and waiting for weeks on end to get your e-Book. Plus, you’re in a dire situation. You don’t have time to wait, especially if your guy has already started pulling back. So, start reading What Men Secretly Want and reel him in again – and for good.

You aren’t terminally flawed and you aren’t deemed to be single forever. Trust me, these are things every woman feels at the most vulnerable of times. You just have to change things up a bit and What Men Secretly Want teaches you what shift is required to get the love you’re longing for. While respect and a feeling of accomplishment are at the top of the list, the What Men Secretly goes through a wide range of components that contribute to the way a man thinks, acts, and feels. So, stop being confused about your man. Stop asking yourself why he does the thinks he does, why he says the thinks he says, and more importantly, stop wondering why he won’t take your relationship to the next level. The cards are in your hand now.


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