Flow State Training Review

Flow State Training Review

Flow State Training teaches you how to use your mind to become the best at whatever it is that you do. Perhaps you play a sport professionally or just for fun, or have a skill that you want to be better at. Learning how to hack your mind can eliminate fear, increase performance, enhance longevity and channel your inner champion. Just think about boxers or MMA fighters for a second – do you really think they step into that ring without psyching their minds up? Absolutely not. The same can be said about any athlete or any performer. The average person can’t step on a rink in front of 10,000 people for one reason only – they haven’t used the proper mind techniques to train their mind. Well, today that’s all about to change because that’s exactly what Flow State Training teaches you.

What is the Flow State Training Program About?

We can all relate to the term, “being in the zone” and that’s precisely what hacking the flow state means.  It’s about narrowing in your attention to improve your performance by 300% – 500%. For some, this might be eliminating the fear of getting into a boxing match with an undefeated champ or stepping onto a field, court or rink in front of thousands of fans. For others, it might be simply eliminating the fear of crowds or boardroom meetings. Whatever it is, there’s no denying the power behind using your mind to achieve greatness.

That’s what Flow State Training teaches you how to do. It trains you on the very things the best performers, athletes and professionals use to become and to remain the best.  And as you can image, when it comes to training your mind, a lot is involved and for that reason, Flow State Training is an exceptionally comprehensive program that hits all targets. It’s broken down into various sections to ensure easy and enjoyable reading. I’ll elaborate on these in just a minute but for now, here’s a sneak peek:

  1. The Superhuman Code
  2. Master the Superhuman Code
  3. Elite Flow Program
  4. The 9 Components Meditation
  5. The Instant Flow Meditation
  6. Flow State Wall Charts
  7. The Flow State Manual

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The good stuff doesn’t end there either! You also receive several bonus tutorials at absolutely no extra charge to you which include:

  • 7 Video Tutorials on Flow State
  • Flow Chain Tutorials
  • Instant Flow Quick Guide
  • Movement Meditation

Everything is provided to you online so there’s no need to wait around for shipping. You simply log in, download the content onto the tech device of your choice (highly recommend a portable device such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop so you can train on the go), and you’re ready to take your skill to the next level.

Now, if you don’t think the brain has that much power, you can use the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that comes with Flow State Training to find out for yourself.

Who is the Creator of Flow State Training Program?

Wilson Meloncelli, a stunt performer, coach and former British MMA champion, is the creator of Flow State Training. Just look at his accomplishments and you can see why he has mastered the power of training the mind to increase performance, stamina, and all that good stuff.

Quick Summary of the Flow State Training Program

Flow State Training is the ultimate program for your mind, designed to teach you how to use specifically designed meditations to “hack the flow state”. It involves various types of training and courses, all of which are provided to you online as soon as you purchase.

To give you a better understanding of the program, here’s a breakdown of the different courses:

The Superhuman Code

The Superhuman Code combines ancient techniques with modern day knowledge to help you tap into your subconscious mind to channel transient Hypofrontality. This is the secret code that makes instant flow meditation so powerful.

Master the Superhuman Code

Master the Superhuman Code coincides with the previous course, as it’s all about the superhuman code. However, this section elaborates on what you just learned and helps you master the process, which is taught to you through 12 detailed videos, 10 flow meditations, and a 42-page guide.

Elite Flow Program

Elite Flow Program is where you will physically drive your attention into “The Deep Now” which is the state of heightened focus, often referred to by many as “being in the zone”

The 9 Components Meditation

The 9 Components Meditation course teaches you how to hack into your past experiences and how to use these experiences to trigger a powerful flow meditation.

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The Instant Flow Meditation

The Instant Flow Meditation course is where you’ll find the 3-Step Formula that allows you to quickly hack into your flow anytime.

Flow State Wall Charts

Flow State Wall Charts is where you’ll find all the training wall charts needed to narrow your attention in on the quality of your intention and training.

The Flow State Manual

The Flow State Manual is a 44-page ebook that explains the science behind this revolutionary system. It also has an abundance of helpful tips and tricks to hacking the flow.

The Flow State Tutorials

The Flow State Tutorials are 7 video tutorials that teach you how to be in the moment while performing. By doing so, you’re able to channel the power of your practice. It’s the same process traditional Monks used back in the day.

Flow Chain Tutorials

The Flow Chain Tutorials take you deeper into hacking the flow and more importantly, how to stay with it once you’ve found it. It’s highly focused on the autonomic nervous systems linked to flow, and it also teaches you how to use it to your advantage through heart rate variability.

Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation incorporates practical training with everything you’ve learned throughout the program. It’s all about physical movements and it also comes with 4 extra powerful tools to accelerate the process.

The Verdict

Add in the various bonuses you receive for free, and you’re set up for once hell of a transformation. The best part? Since Flow State Training is online, you can unleash your optimal performance right now. So, what are you waiting for?


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