Anabolic Reload Review

Anabolic Reload Review

Anabolic Reload is an online fitness regime designed for men over the age of 30. It’s based on breakthrough bodybuilding research that has shown full body workouts three days a week to have the ability to build more muscle than exercising one or two body parts 4-6 days per week. In other words, instead of focusing on workouts that put an intense amount of pressure on one specific part of your body each day of the week, you’ll be alleviating the pressure by completing detailed workouts that target your entire body while still see the same – if not better results. And for obvious reasons, you can see why Anabolic Reload is ideal for men over the age of 30.

What is Anabolic Reload?

Gone are the days of putting an insane amount of pressure on your aging joints, bones, and body all in an effort to get a ripped and sculpted body. Sure, doing so will likely provide results but it’ll also provide you with an incredible amount of pain – or worse, injury.

Anabolic Reload is an online program that caters to men over the age of 30; men who want to have a ripped, sculpted body but that don’t want to risk their safety in order to do so. The entire system is based on breakthrough research revealing that men who perform full body workouts experienced greater muscle gains than those who train a specific body part per day.

However, what may surprise you is that not only will you no longer be targeting a specific part of your body for every day you work out but also, you will no longer be lifting heavy weights or spending hours at the gym.

Anabolic Reload isn’t about lifting the heaviest weights possible but rather, it’s about maximizing out your muscle fiber expansion – all types of muscle fiber. And how do you do that, you ask? Through full-body workouts.

There was once a time where it was through that slow-twitch fibers were for endurance, whereas fast-twitch muscle fibers were for strength. Thus, many people looking to build muscle only focused on expanding their fat-twist muscle fibers. However, it’s been discovered that by increasing the quantity of both fibers, you can achieve larger muscle mass without the need to put a massive amount of pressure on your muscles, which certainly isn’t ideal as you begin to age.

I will explain all of this more in just a moment but first, let’s take a look at what you receive when you purchase Anabolic Reload. Everything is broken down into three different eBooks which are:

  • The Main Program
  • Size Surge Workouts
  • X-treme Lean Nutrition Manual
Anabolic Reload's Table of Contents

The table of contents for Steve Holman’s Anabolic Reload Program

All three eBooks (portions of the program) are online, so you just have to download the content onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and get started. It only requires a couple of clicks, so if you aren’t a computer-guy, no worries.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which provides you with a decent amount of time to learn about the system and to see what it can do for you. Certainly, you’ll discover that working out smarter is the way to go.

About the Authors Behind Anabolic Reload Program

There are two men behind the Anabolic Reload; Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson. Steve is a well-known bodybuilding figure, a best-selling fitness author, and the editor-in-chief for Iron Man Magazine for the past 25 years. He is also the creator of the program.

Jonathan, on the other hand, is a 58-year-old bodybuilder who uses – and endorses the program. He is a real guy with real results which is definitely a plus.

A Brief Overview of Anabolic Reload Program

As promised, let’s dissect the Anabolic Reload a little further to help you have a better understanding of how it works and what it can do for your body. Take a look at the different topics and workout regimes included in the 4-week fitness program, along with what you’ll find in the size surge workouts and nutritional guide provided:

The Main Program

  • Chapter 1: Max Growth Fiber Activation for Major Mass Creation
  • Chapter 2: Study 1: High Rep First Mass Burst
  • Chapter 3: Study 2: Muscle Training Frequency
  • Chapter 4: Study 3: The Anabolic Switch
  • Chapter 5: Three Keys for Freaky Hypertrophy
  • Chapter 6: Hypertrophic Progression
  • Chapter 7: The Program’s Regime
  • Chapter 8: Old School, New Muscle: The Over-40 STX Workout
  • Chapter 9: Reload for Ultimate Mass

gaining muscle after 50

Size Surge Workouts

  • Chapter 1: Revving Up For Radical Results
  • Chapter 2: Recharge Your Anabolic Drive
  • Chapter 3: The Incredible Colorado Experiment
  • Chapter 4: Phase 1: Your Primer Program
  • Chapter 5: Phase 2: Multi-Angular Mass Blast
  • Chapter 6: The Mass 4X Workout: Phase 2 Density for New Muscle Immensity
  • Chapter 7: Eat to Grow
  • Chapter 8: Serious Size Surge Supplements
  • Chapter 9: The 7 Sacred Rules of Packing on Muscle Weight
  • Chapter 10: David Rylah: High Intensity Thunder Down Under

X-Treme Lean Nutritional Guide

  • Chapter 1: Eat More, Lose Fat
  • Chapter 2: No Carb, Low Carb or Slow Carb?
  • Chapter 3: X-Citing Transformations
  • Chapter 4: Cheat Your Way to Leanness
  • Chapter 5: X-Treme Lean Diets
  • Chapter 6: Feminine X-ploits
  • Chapter 7: X-Treme Lean Nutrients
  • Chapter 8: X-Treme Lean Training
  • Chapter 9: X-Treme Lean Q&A

You also receive two bonus programs at no extra charge to you, which are The Bodyweight Edition and 101 All Natural Testosterone Boosters.

The Verdict

Everyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from following this bodybuilding technique as it’s about maxing out your muscle fiber expansion through full body workouts to build larger muscles. However, Anabolic Reload has selected a 4-week fitness regime that works specifically for men over the age of 30. Though, it’s definitely not an “old man’s” workout. You will be sweating and you will be working. The only difference is that you’ll be doing so through full body workouts that are designed to activate both of your muscle fibers. And if you still aren’t sure if you can get ripped like you were back in the old days, you have that 60 Day Money Back Guarantee to rely on if need be.


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