Review on Thomas Delauer’s Adaptive Body Boost

review Adaptive Body Boost by Thomas Delauer

Adaptive Body Boost Program is a simple process that focuses on how the body works. And yes, a simple process is all you need to actually see results. The food and fitness industry has tricked everyone into thinking that you have to pay a fortune to lose weight; that you have to join some weight loss program, avoid all types of fats and run on a treadmill for an insane amount of time. That’s simply not true. By learning how your body works, you’ll start to see why everything you thought you knew about weight loss isn’t true. And of course, why it hasn’t worked for you.

About Adaptive Body Boost

Adaptive Body Boost program is an online health program you receive instant access to as soon as you make a purchase. It focuses on burning your body’s stored fat as fuel instead of letting it sit there, collecting and causing you to gain weight. It is pretty much based on the ketogenic diet. But what really sets this program apart from the rest is that it talks about a lot of foods the industry has demonized and nicknamed as the culprit to weight gain. However, as you’re about to learn, many of those foods can actually make you lose weight. Why doesn’t the weight loss industry tell you that? Because it’s a business. If everyone knew the foods that actually make you lose weight, we’d all be eating them and as a result, weight loss, food, and fitness businesses would go bankrupt.

At the end of the day, weight loss companies are companies and they need profits. Unfortunately, their profits are often times at your expense, until now that is….

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About the Creator Behind Adaptive Body Boost

This unique, revolutionary health program was created by celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Thomas Delauer. You likely recognize his name because he’s incredibly renowned within the industry. After all, the top celebrities use him to keep their body’s up to Hollywood standards. He’s also been published in some major magazines, such as Muscle and Performance, Iron Man and many more. So, he’s a good guy to get health and diet advice from!

Quick Summary of Adaptive Body Boost

As mentioned, the Adaptive Body Boost program focuses on how the body is supposed to run on a cellular level and how it contributes to losing weight. It’s a simple process that’s broken down into an online eBook and seven different videos. Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at what get when you start this system.

The Seven Videos are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Introduction to Ketosis and This Process
  2. How Ketosis Actually Works in your Body
  3. The Keto/Low Carb Flu
  4. How Much Protein and Why?
  5. What about the Carbs?
  6. Exercising on the Program
  7. Cheat Meal Time

I consider the video portion a crash course at the entire system as a whole. However, it does contain some extra tips, tricks and information that you definitely don’t want to skip over before heading into the eBook.

The Adaptive Body Boost program eBook is where you’re going to find the true depths of the system. It elaborates on the videos, breaking down the information and steps you need to take to capitalize on your newfound knowledge.

To help you understand the value of each chapter, here is some information you’ll find throughout the system:

  • What is food addiction and how it affects your health
  • Why fasting is often used for health and healing therapy
  • How does the body work
  • Dangers of chronic inflammation
  • How energy metabolism, insulin, fats, carbohydrates contribute to your weight loss
  • Reasons your daily weight fluctuates
  • How to recover from a workout
  • Muscle building
  • Brain health and mental health concerns
  • The best and worst of fats and what they do for you
  • Proper portion sizes
  • Water consumption
  • Meal plans

… And the list goes on. In fact, all of those things make up only half of the program. So, there’s a lot more to it.

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The really awesome thing is that you can find scientific evidence, historical facts, warnings, and meal plans well throughout the system. As a result, you know exactly what and why you’re doing the Adaptive Body Boost program which gives you all the motivation you need to commit to this healthy lifestyle change.

While all the information is intended to be used collectively to help you achieve optimal results, the biggest benefit of the system is definitely the meal plans. They’re perfectly lined out for you, giving you different options of food items to eat, and none of the options are disgusting. You’re eating real foods and the reason you can do that is because you learned how the body works on a cellular level and now, you’re benefiting from it.


With the Adaptive Body Boost System, results are inevitable. However, even if I never saw a pound of fat drop off my body, I’d still recommend it because this isn’t just a weight loss program. It’s a complete body transformation that “fixes” your health on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

So, if you’re ready to not only look and feel healthy but actually be healthy, you definitely have to start the program. It will change your life because like I said, it provides optimal health for your body as a whole. Plus, with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can’t go wrong. If you decide you don’t want to get healthy, you can opt for a refund. But let’s be honest here, once you read the first chapter of this program, you won’t want your money back.

Invest in a copy of Adaptive Body Boost program and start your positive transformation today!


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