Paleo Hacks Cook Book Review

Paleo Hacks Cook Book Review

Paleo Hacks Cook Book is the best possible tool to have when you are making the transition to a Paleo Diet. Many people have heard about the health benefits of this diet, but they fail to follow it in their own lives because of one major reason – they don’t know what to cook.

It’s a well-known problem, so many of our common meals revolve around grains, breads and pasta that it’s hard to think of something to eat that doesn’t include these carbohydrates. The Paleo Hacks Cook Book will help you by giving you ideas that you can prepare quickly and easily – whether for breakfast, dinner or lunch. This will make the process of switching to the Paleo Diet so much easier.

About The Paleo Hacks Cook Book

The Paleo Hacks Cook Book is a guide to several fantastic recipes that you can cook quickly and easily at home, using ingredients that you will be able to find at any supermarket.

So, what exactly is the Paleo Diet? Here are some of the main points of this revolutionary eating movement:

  • In the early stages of human evolution, back when we had a hunter gatherer society, we ate mostly meat, vegetables, fruits and seeds. This is what our bodies evolved to eat over many generations.
  • At some point in our history, we figured out how to farm and our diet started to consist mostly of grains such as cereals, bread, wheat, barley, rice, etc.
  • Although these foods taste good to us, they are not very nutritious and actually quite unhealthy for our bodies.
  • Our modern-day diet consists of too many grains and carbohydrates, which leave us bloated, overweight, tired, foggy and susceptible to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • The Paleo Diet movement is all about getting back to our original roots and connecting with the diet that we evolved to eat.
  • Supporters of the diet feel that when you eat the foods within the Paleo Diet you will lose weight naturally, feel more energetic, sleep better and experience more mental clarity.
  • Foods that are included in the Paleo Diet include nuts, fish, meats, leafy greens, seeds and vegetables.
  • Foods that are not allowed are candy, sugar, cereal, pasta and breads.

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The Author Behind Paleo Hacks Cook Book

The recipes in this book were not all written by one offer. Instead, they were compiled from the huge database of recipes on the PaleoHacks website. These recipes were chosen for their ease of preparation and how deliciously tasty they are. This huge collection of recipes has something for everyone – whether you are looking for an easy breakfast you can make in 15 minutes before work, or a beautiful dessert you can impress your friends with.

Quick Overview of the Paleo Hacks Cook Book

This is a cookbook that contains hundreds of great meal ideas and recipes for anyone who wants to start following the Paleo diet. Sometimes the food restrictions on the Paleo Diet can make it seem boring. Does it mean that you have to eat chicken and veggies or steak and veggies every night of your life?

The good news is that there are approximately 200 recipes in this book, so you will be able to mix it up with a wide variety of Paleo meals and avoid getting bored. The book also includes:

  • A guide to eating Paleo at Restaurants.
  • A guide to shopping for Paleo foods, complete with a shopping list.
  • Recipes for every situation, from soups to salads to desserts to romantic meals and much more.
  • Information about the diet, the health benefits and the nutritional perks of the cuisine.
  • Lots of other tips that will make the transition to a Paleo Diet easier.

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Benefits of The Paleo Hacks Cook Book

One of the main benefits of this book is that you can get started on your Paleo Diet transformation without having to wonder “What in the world am I going to cook for dinner tonight?” This book will give you a number of great ideas that you can use for many different occasions.

Here are a few more of the benefits that the recipes in this cookbook will bring:

  • The recipes are easy to follow so anyone can cook them – even someone who doesn’t have a lot of cooking experience.
  • The ingredient in the recipes are not expensive or obscure, they can be found in any local supermarket.
  • Eating Paleo will help you to balance your blood glucose levels. This will help you to avoid sugar spikes and feelings of fatigue.
  • Because this diet includes a lot of meat you will be getting enough protein for your muscles, so they will become strong and lean.
  • You’ll also likely be eating more fruits and vegetables, which means that you will benefit from the nutrients within.
  • The diet includes a lot of healthy fats, so you will feel fuller for longer.
  • There is no counting calories required, you just have to eat the foods that are allowed.
  • There are dessert recipes in the book too, so that you can indulge your sweet craving and not feel like you are depriving yourself too much.
  • Also, the book will give you ideas on what you can order in a restaurant that is still Paleo, so that you don’t have to miss out on dining with your friends.


Are you curious about the Paleo Diet? Wondering how it could transform your diet and your health? There’s nothing to lose in simply giving it a try – if it doesn’t make you feel better then you can always go back to eating grains. The good news about this program is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. That means that if the diet doesn’t work for you, you’ll be able to simply ask and then get your money back within two months. So, why not try going Paleo for a while and seeing what changes it will make to your weight, your energy and your wellbeing?


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