Make Women Want You Now Review

make women want you now review

Make Women Want You Now is a revelatory guide to how to improve self-confidence and pickups in order to, as the title says Make Women Want You. The dating game can be a long and arduous one, and some people seem so naturally good at it. This is where the author of the book comes in. He has honed the perfect way to access exactly what women want, in order to make them want you. Having put in the time experimenting and coming up with a variety of strategies, this book is the ultimate guide to improving you rapport with women.

About The ‘Make Women Want You Now’ Guide

Make Women Want You is a 115 page guide to attraction. Created by Jason Capital, a leading pick up artist. Consisting of a main eBook and some bonus products, it’s aimed mostly at beginners who wish to receive advice about getting the women they want. This is a guide to inciting sexual attraction in women.

Jason begins by informing readers that they will need to reset a few old beliefs, in order to benefit from the wisdom within Make Women Want You. Also, the book really focuses on the importance of presenting yourself to situations in which you need to talk to women. All women. Even if they are not the ones you want. As such, it does require some commitment and does not promise to work overnight.

Essentially rooted in the self-help genre, this eBook strives to push you toward becoming the best version of yourself that you can. This, in turn, means you will attract the type of women you deserve.

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Key Points of Make Women Want You

Essentially this comprehensive guide has been created to shy away from the more traditional step by step approach, to offer a range of strategies that are all based on a 3 step approach. This involves attraction, high value small talk and then escalation.

Jason details how to get noticed in the first place, which does not have to be solely down to what you wear or having the latest haircut. It is about how you carry yourself and who you are seen with.

Once the attraction part is taken care of, Jason gives a lot of attention to the concept of high value small talk. This subtly introduces the idea that every single little thing you say to a prospect is useful, and you will begin to find this easier over time.

After this, the way to really get her wanting you is by various escalation techniques. Ultimately these focus on getting her to crave your touch, and improving intimacy. Since the ideas are so varied, there should be something to fit everyone’s personality type.

Unlike many similar guides, Make Women Want You Now guide one can be personalised by offering such a selection of routines that you can pick ones that ensure you are being congruent, and fit your personality type. For example, some guys would never dream of challenging a girl to an arm wrestle, whereas others can make this suit them appropriately.

Advantages of Make Women Want You

Make Women Want You has are several advantages, specfic to choosing this dating program to help you in your love pursuits, not least of which is that it will improve your confidence. Because it offers a range of ways to implement the 3 step program, you can practise its formula in a variety of situations. In fact, Jason really encourages readers to do that: talk to as many women as possible, in order to get used to it.

As we mentioned above, this is not an entirely prescriptive program, which allows for it to become personalised. You don’t want to be repeating patterns she has heard before, and the last thing you would want to do is come across as inauthentic or incongruous. You can select which parts of this range of strategies and routines suit you, and suit the type of woman you are looking at engaging with.

Since the product is accessed digitally, it means you can have it within your possession just moments form making the decision. You won’t have to sit around waiting for appointments, you can immediately begin to digest the information and put some of the ideas into practise. This also means it is portable, and can be accessed via any digital device. You can learn the wisdom of pick up whilst commuting, on a lunch break or even in a coffee shop!

This is one of the easiest to follow and approachable plans we have come across, and you are gaining access to some impressive expertise. There is also an online community, which means you can chat to other people about what has worked for them; gaining eve more secrets to seduction.

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What’s included when you buy Make Women Want You?

In addition to the main guide, you will receive bonus materials which help you to gain an even deeper understanding of the dating game. These include Always Know What To Say – a guide to conversation that keeps it sexually focused in a subtle way.

You will also access Done For You Attraction, which lists a number of mainly cocky and funny one-liners to help pique her interest. These must be executed using a tongue in cheek, cheeky approach in order for them to not come across as cheesy. Jason explicates this within the guide.

Similarly, you will also receive The Charm Bible. Again, a range of cheeky one liners, this is worth reading through time and again to learn the style of banter that has so many women getting excited. This touches on the importance of body language and how to both display and read it, in order to improve rapport. You also get a transcript of Jason and Julius discussing how to give better orgasms, so your confidence actually in the bedroom should improve too.

There are several examples of real situations Jason has incurred, and how he has dealt with them to improve your confidence in picking up. With a video demonstrating ways to subtly suggest status and confidence, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to covering all bases of seduction.

You also gain trial access to the online subscription service. You can cancel this at any time.


Make Women Want You Now is one of the most comprehensive programs available and it is a bargain price, when you consider the hours of research, trial and error and planning that have helped create the guide. Get your copy today and start practising pickups right away.

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