Infatuation Scripts Review

Infatuation Scripts Review

Infatuation Scripts is intended for women seeking a meaningful, lasting relationship. Offering content in three formats — written, video and audio, no matter what your learning style, you will reach your romantic goals. Focusing on the infatuation phase, this system highlights three key ingredients, ensuring relationship success.

Infatuation Scripts focuses on the second phase of love — infatuation. Moving from lust, to infatuation, to attachment, you can develop meaningful relationships that are intended to last. Although infatuation does not last forever, it is a crucial phase. It conditions your brain for imprinting, so that you can move into the more fulfilling attachment phase.

About Infatuation Scripts

Many do not realize how critical the infatuation phase is, and how it sets the stage for your future relationships. Covering three key ingredients, including uncertainty, investment, and curiosity, each module will provide you with exact scripts that you can use to maximize success. You will walk away feeling like a whole new woman — a woman who is an expert in the field of dating and relationships.

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Who is the Creator of Infatuation Scripts?

Clayton Max created this program based on a need. With a background in applied psychology and body language, he has the knowledge and experience to make this system a reality. He had been coaching men for over 10 years, yet when his female friends began coming to him for advice, he noticed something. All of these women were beautiful, successful and mature, yet they were all asking common questions. Out of this need and his eagerness to help, he created Infatuation Scripts.

What’s Included within Infatuation Scripts?

Depending on which format you’d like to approach first (all which are equally detailed), you can expect a deeper understanding of what infatuation really is — and what that means for your love life. It’s a great idea to begin with the manual, before moving onto the audio and video content. With that being said, you begin wherever you feel most comfortable in terms of your learning style.

In terms of the manual, here’s what you can expect:

  • An Introduction — Every great program begins with an in-depth introduction, helping you increase your understanding of what’s ahead. Although you know what it feels like to fall for someone, this section will help you address this topic in a more in-depth, scientific way. For example, learn what infatuation is and more importantly, what triggers it. Better understand how to use this program to your advantage, as well as something that Clayton refers to as on-game playing. This introduction will be valuable in that it will prepare you for the journey ahead — and make you excited about what’s around the corner!
  • Ingredient #1 — The first of three key ingredients, which is what this program is all about, you will increase your understanding of uncertainty. What exactly does that ingredient have to do with your love life — and once again, what triggers it? Broken down into three critical triggers, begin to learn about Independence, Qualification, and the importance of A Barrier.
  • Ingredient #2 — Moving into the second critical component, you’ll learn all about the importance of investment. Unlike the previous section, investment keys are covered instead of triggers. These triggers include: Set His Expectations; Shaping; and Reciprocity.
  • Ingredient #3 — This program wraps up with the third ingredient, which is curiosity. You’ll quickly see that although all three ingredients are independent, they work together to create an optimal result. Within this section, curiosity ‘hooks’ are of particular interest. These include Teasers; Intrigue Loops and Contrasting Qualities.

Although all these ‘terms’ may seem odd now in terms of their relevance, they are unique and that is what makes this program so great. Clayton does a great job of thinking outside the box, based on his understanding, experience, and the rules of psychology.

While watching the video footage, for instance, these clips are an average of 13 minutes, covering EVERYTHING you learned in the manual — explained in a new, fresh way. With a total of 13 videos, highlighting each ingredient, trigger, investment and hook, you will continue to increase your understanding. Begin to incorporate each tip and trick into your own life, and you WILL see results.

The audio clips are the perfect way to learn while on-the-go. Whether you play this program during your morning commute or while you do the dishes, it’s nice that you have options. As long as you’re serious about improving your current love life, finding the type of man you want and deserve, this program is for you.

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The Benefits of Infatuation Scripts

There is nothing more rewarding than a loving, fulfilling relationship, but in order to get there, you need to go through the motions. As you begin to like someone, you will then eventually reach the infatuation phase. When you have the right tools you need to reach your objectives, so many possibilities begin to open up.

Of course, this is the main benefit — your ability to enhance your current love life and success with men. As you work your way through this system, you will learn how to be irresistible to men. Taking the right steps, can ensure you enter a healthy, positive relationship. In addition, you will love:

  • That you can learn in so many unique styles. Each piece of material is an important component, helping you increase your understanding. This also gives you the freedom to learn as you please and when you please. No matter where you are, you can brush up on each module, helping you create new, healthy habits in terms of your love life.
  • How this program is delivered. Within the written manual, for instance, each module is not only well written, but offered in an easy-to-read layout. Highlighting key concepts, you’ll know what is important and how each concept is relevant to the rest of the program.

In Conclusion

With Infatuation Scripts program’s money back guarantee, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. Are you ready to be your dream man’s one and only? Order Infatuation Scripts program now!


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