Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook Review

Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook Review

The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook is full of the healthier versions of modern day snack staples. I’m not talking about snacking on carrots, apple slices, and lettuce either. Trust me, I have a serious sweet tooth and those options simply won’t cut it regardless of how healthy they are.

Instead, this cookbook is full of all the recipes you currently love – only healthier and way more delicious. The recipes do nothing more than simply eliminate the processed, synthetic ingredients commonly found in grocery stores today for the authentic versions. To put it into perspective, think about sugar. Instead of using refined, processed sugar to make chocolate brownies, you use 100% pure honey and 100% cocoa power. It’s like a blast to the past, back to the days when they didn’t have electric mixers, pre-mixed muffin packages, and truthfully, when they only ate real food.

You might be wondering why this is important and all I have to say is, have a quick look at the ingredients found in your pantry. You’ll be amazed at how much “food” you eat that isn’t food at all. The way ingredients are made today, with high and low temperature combinations, chemicals, preservatives, and toxins, the nutrients are stripped out of even the healthiest food items. As a result, mankind has taken a serious hit. Diseases and illnesses are at all-time high since modern food practices and factory farming has taken over – and it’s not a coincidence. There’s even studies that prove this. So, if you’re ready to improve your health and life without sacrificing your taste buds, you need to check out The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook.

About The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook Program

As you have likely figured out by now The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook is a cookbook that has nothing more than real, natural ingredients. It’s broken down into two separate books – one for sweet snacks and another for savory snacks – and don’t be fooled, you’ll find your favorite snacks somewhere amongst the 120 scrumptious recipes.

The cool thing is that you receive access to the cookbook as soon as you make the purchase. So, there’s no need to pay or wait for shipping or clear out some cupboard space for a giant cookbook. You simply download the two cookbooks onto your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, and you have all the recipes you need. I guess the modern world is good for something!

Now, I know you’re likely turned off by the idea of “healthy” snacks. After all, we’ve all been tricked into thinking healthy means unappetizing. So, this cookbook program is offering a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for anyone who isn’t satisfied with the program. That’s a full two months you get to try the program, taste the recipes, and decide whether they’re for you. You won’t be opting for that refund once you take a bit.

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About the Author Behind The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook

Paleohacks is behind the cookbooks, hence the name. If you’re not sure of who or what this is, plug it into Google and you’ll quickly see. PaleoHacks is inarguably one of the most reputable online platforms for eating Paleo. Now, what is Paleo? It’s a lifestyle based living and eating like the cavemen did – no processed foods, chemical-packed cosmetics, and days-long Netflix binges. It’s often recognized as being the healthiest way to live. So, the creators of these recipes have years of healthy living experience, all of which is infused in each recipe.

Overview of The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook Program

As mentioned previously, the program is broken down into two separate cookbooks – The Sweet Snacks Cookbook and the Savory Snacks Cookbook. In an effort to show you that even the pickiest of eaters (yes, you’re listening to one) can enjoy healthy snacks, I decided to pick some of my favorite snacks from each.

Sweet Snacks

As the name reads, this is where you’ll find all the recipes that cater to your sweet tooth. Think brownies, cookies, snack bars, oh my. You’ll be shocked that these snacks are considered “healthy” but when you use natural ingredients, anything can be! Here are some of my favorite sweet snacks:

  • Papaya with Coconut Kefir and Fresh Lime
  • Hemp Seeds with Honey Almonds and Kefir
  • Macadamia Chocolate Snack Balls
  • Almond and Coconut Snack Balls
  • Coconut Pancakes
  • Pistachio Muffins
  • Grilled Figs
  • Fruit Wraps

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Savory Snacks

The program would never be complete without some savory snack recipes to go with the sweet one. Here are some of my top choices:

  • Curried Macadamias and Pepitas
  • Garlic and Rosemary Salted Walnuts
  • Bananas topped with Spinach and Prosciutto
  • Sliced Roast Beef with Chili Avocado
  • Jerky
  • Macadamia and Sesame Seed Crackers
  • Garlic and Parsley Mushrooms
  • Bread and Butter Cucumbers
  • Rolled Lamb Kebabs
  • Roasted Chestnuts
  • Garlic Prawns with Lemon and Parsley

As you can see, your taste buds aren’t taking a hit when you opt for healthy snacks. You get the flavors you love along with the health everyone desperately needs. You also receive a bonus book called How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally, along with a free sample of the super-drink used in the U.S. Military called, Patriot Greens. It’s literally a boost to your health.

The Verdict

Now, you also get informed on the different Paleo programs available to you. By no means are they required but if you do decide that the Paleo lifestyle – or even just the diet – is for you, these are excellent additions to consider.

Other than that, you’re ready to snack your way to better health. This might sound shocking since “snacking and health” are often two words rarely used in the same sentence but that’s all about to change with The Paleohacks Snacks Cookbook. The recipes are just as delicious as they are healthy, and you’ll instantly receive the health and weight loss benefits with every bite. All of your goals will quickly come into sight when you start cooking up these delicious snack recipes. And remember, you have two full months to give them a try so you have nothing to lose – other than the awful chemicals, preservatives, and toxins currently making themselves at home inside of your body.


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