Wake Up Lean Program Review

Wake Up Lean Program Review

The Wake Up Lean Program might just be the solution that you have been looking for – especially if you are overweight and unhappy. This simple but efficient system promises to help you lose fat quickly by boosting your metabolism.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up every morning feeling leaner and slimmer than the day before? Would you like to find out a way that you can “hack” your body so that you lose weight easily and naturally – rather than struggling to keep weight off? Wouldn’t you like to be free of the cycle of yo yo dieting and finally manage your weight, so that you can feel confident and be healthy?

The Wake Up Learn program explains why your metabolism is currently fighting against you and informs you on the nitty gritty of how to use your metabolism to your advantage. With the techniques in this book, it promises to teach you how to lose fat faster than ever before.

About the Wake Up Lean Program

Here are some important things that you should know about the Wake Up Lean Program:

  • The program is known as Wake Up Lean because once you start following the habits in the program, you will begin to wake up feeling slimmer every morning.
  • This is because the techniques in the program will be boosting your metabolism, so that your body naturally burns fat while you sleep.
  • The program is quite easy to follow – everything is laid out in a step by step process that is simple and user friendly.
  • The book claims that you will be able to boost your natural calorie burning activity so effectively that you will start to lose up to five pounds of body fat every week. This might seem impossible, but the book insists that the fat will simply melt off when you start to follow the techniques.

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The Author Behind the Wake Up Lean Program

The author of the program is a lady called Meredith Shirk, who is a specialist in Fitness Nutrition. Here are some interesting things to know about Meredith:

  • She is based in California and she has done a significant amount of research into health and wellness. She has studied weight loss for a long time.
  • She had an interesting insight when traveling to Panama. While she was in the jungles there she learned about some vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the local people ate which helped them to look younger and lose fat.
  • When she returned to the USA, she tested these ingredients on her clients and they found that they got positive results.
  • She gathered her findings and did more research, eventually coming up with the Wake Up Lean Program.
  • The goal of the Wake Up Lean Program is to optimise metabolism in order to lose weight as efficiently as possible.

Overview of the Wake Up Lean Program

If your goal is to lose weight and change your lifestyle in a positive way, this book will be very interesting to you. It contains a lot of valuable information about weight loss, nutrition, healthy living and fitness – some of it based on the intriguing discoveries that Meredith made when she visited Panama. The book contains way too much information to list here, but some of the points that it covers include:

  • An analysis of our modern diet and why it makes us fat.
  • How sugar and toxins build up in our bodies and make it harder for us to lose weight.
  • How our sedentary lifestyle makes it all too easy to eat more calories than we burn.
  • How visceral fat that gathers around the belly is not only unsexy, it’s also dangerous to your health because it will increase your risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and much more.
  • Why it becomes so much harder to lose weight as you approach middle age, due to an enzyme that switches on within your body as you age.
  • Why you crave starches and sugars and feel hungry, even when your body doesn’t really need food.

The Wake Up Lean Program promises to help you stop this process within your body, so that you will be able to switch your metabolism into fat burning mode. You’ll reprogram your body so that you will be able to burn more fat in a more efficient way. According to the book, you will wake up each morning with renewed energy – having lost weight overnight.

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The Benefits You’ll Get With The Wake Up Lean Program

So what are the benefits that this program has to offer? Here are some of the perks that you can expect, according to the authors of the Wake Up Lean Program.

  • You will be able to lose weight without having to starve yourself, count calories or eliminate entire food groups, which can be impractical in reality.
  • The book claims that if you follow the instructions in the program, you will turn off your stress hormones, hunger and inflammation.
  • Also, the book promises that you will be able to flush out fat that has gathered in your midsection for years – that stubborn fat that you are never able to get rid of.
  • This program is convenient for those with a busy schedule – it will only take you a few minutes per day to follow the techniques.
  • The program is suitable for women or men, it doesn’t matter what gender you are.


Maybe you are a little bit unsure about this program? After all, there are a lot of weight loss programs out there and it’s hard to know which ones offer the best chances of success. If you are curious about Wake Up Lean Program and you want to try it, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a two month money back guarantee. So, you can decide in the first 60 days if you don’t like the program and you can ask for your money back. This means that there’s really no reason not to give the program a try, especially since it is such a popular weight loss solution that has worked for so many people.


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