The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset Review

The Organic 7 Day Total Body Reset Review

The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset program can be summed up in 5 simple words: “You Are What You Eat.” This book is all about how diet is the most important part of your weight loss and overall health. It claims to show you a way that you can reset your body in 7 days, cleanse yourself of toxins and get started on a diet regime that will make you slimmer, happier, healthier and more vibrant. If you have struggled with weight loss in the past and you would like to have a healthier diet but you don’t know where to start- this will be a great read for you.

About The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset

You can tell a lot about the program from the title. It is a book that is all about how to change your life and transform your diet into a healthy organic one – and it shows you how to do all that in 7 days. It will give you a day by day diet plan that will show you exactly what you can and cannot eat – so that you can reduce inflammation in your body.

The book also promises to teach you about organic hacks that will help you to accelerate your fat loss. It will also break down your exercise routine and give you tips and techniques you need to really achieve results.

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The Author Behind The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset

The author of this program is a man named Thomas DeLauer. He is a Performance Coach for businesses and entrepreneurs. He writes for a number of health and fitness publications including Muscle & Fitness and Natural Muscle Magazine. He is also a long distance runner and a bodybuilder, but he didn’t always used to be this successful.

Thomas used to be overweight and feel self conscious about his body. However, if you look at the photos of him now you can see that he looks amazing – slim, fit and healthy. He came up with the idea for this program when he met David Headley, PhD. He claims that this doctor figured out how to help his wife Amber, who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that attacked her thyroid and made it extremely difficult for her to lose weight. David was able to quickly figure out what foods had been causing the issue and when she changed her diet, she was able to lose 25 pounds.

Thomas claims that the suggestions from Dr. Headley helped him to also lose 70 pounds over the next year. So, the story is that he took these suggestions and included them in this powerful ebook, so that he could help other people to achieve the same success that he did.

Brief Overview of The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset

So what does it include when you download the program? First of all, you will receive a diet plan of what you should eat from day to day. This 7-day complete guide is like having a personal nutritionist with you – because there is no question what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It’s very clear and straightforward, which eliminates any guesswork.

Secondly, the book will offer you helpful organic hacks that will allow you to accelerate your fat loss. According to the claims in the book, these powerful little hacks will help you to get over the little barriers in your mind so that you can achieve the fat loss results you are looking for.

The book also contains a helpful breakdown of your exercise routine, which will show you which exercises will give you the most effective results and which ones are a waste of your time.

One aspect of the book that is very helpful is the videos. These videos will breakdown every step and they will make it incredibly easy to understand what to do. There is also a very helpful guide to vitamins and supplements. Sometimes it can be very confusing to know what supplements are best for your body, so this guide can help you to determine which ones are worth investing in.

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Benefits of The Organic 7-Day Total Body Reset

The book promises a lot of benefits if you stick to the suggestions and follow the diet plan within the program. Most importantly, you will finally lose that stubborn weight that you have been struggling with for years. However, in addition to that you will also have more energy, you will sleep better, you will look younger, your skin will glow and you will enjoy more mental clarity. You will also give your immune system a boost and improve the health of your entire body – reducing your risk of obesity related diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

Of course, this is not an overnight miracle cure. You’ll only receive these benefits if you actually follow the suggestions within the book and stick to the diet plans. If you are disciplined and you can transform your lifestyle and your diet into a healthier one, this book will guide you into achieving weight loss success. If you have the dedication to follow the guide within the book and stick to it – these results will be yours.

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Most of these diet programs come with a money back guarantee. If the product doesn’t work for you within 60 days, you can ask for your money back and you will be fully refunded – no questions asked. However, Thomas goes even further with this. He says that if you try the suggestions in the program and you don’t lose weight, then he will give you back twice what you paid for the program. You simply have to prove that you tried the suggestions in the program and they didn’t work for you. With that kind of double refund guarantee, there’s really no risk at all in giving the product a try and seeing if it works for you!