Blood Pressure Protocol Review

blood pressure protocol review

Blood Pressure Protocol has been created during a time in which general levels of fitness are constantly plummeting and obesity soaring. It is a comorbidity of obesity, as well as being related to the stress often associated with the modern world. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is experienced by a staggering one billion people globally. That equates to one in seven!

About Blood Pressure Protocol

Blood Pressure Protocol is a comprehensive and holistic look into the major causes and contributing factors into the pandemic of hypertension; responsible for up to a third of deaths in the US. It has been created to provide insight and education into how and why many people suffer, and what we can do to try and improve things.

Fortunately, the number one contributor to high blood pressure is lifestyle. The reason we say this is fortunate is because we can reverse lifestyle changes, which means we can also reverse hypertension by tweaking certain elements of our lifestyle.

Blood Pressure Protocol was conceived, developed and tweaked by Dr. Miles Channing and David Riley. The latter being a previous sufferer of the condition and the former being the ‘science’ behind the program.

Having suffered profusely at the hands of high blood pressure, Riley had assumed that he was going to be on a low stress, low salt kind of diet for good, and that would be that. Until one day he discovered an article penned by Dr. Channing. Channing had actually spent time living with the Yanomamo Indian tribe. This tribe had literally no cases of high blood pressure at all, ad that got the doctor into thinking about why.

It’s true that their diet consisted of much lower salt, if any added at all, but also was packed with foods rich in proteins, fiber, and Coenzyme Q10 antioxidant. This is found in cold water fish, leafy greens and lean meats. As such, a large part of the protocol is made up of eating these immune boosting, low sodium foods, filled with micronutrients.

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Key Points of Blood Pressure Protocol

Blood Pressure Protocol is a guide which focuses primarily on educating readers about all parts of blood pressure and how to remedy it using nutrition and exercise.

Included is an extensive and frequently monitored list of all the natural ingredients regularly consumed by the Yanomamo Indians, whose diet inspired the inception of this program.

Its purpose is to provide useful tips on how to decrease your risk for heart attack, stroke, and other types of heart problems, which means that it is a multifaceted eBook, aimed at maximising all health pertaining to the heart and general wellbeing.

You will read a detailed list of all of the main factors that have been found to contribute to high blood pressure, and can amass quite a deep understanding. Knowledge, some say, is power. And armed with knowledge about the condition you can be empowered to make better choices which will help you improve your health naturally.

The Benefits of The Blood Pressure Protocol Program

Let us make no bones about it: the major advantage of Blood Pressure Protocol comes from reading, digesting and responding to the advice given within this eBook guide. Imagine a life without high blood pressure: that is what you can achieve. You will instantly reduce the risks of developing further cardiac issues as you age.

We live in a modern, face paced society and as such the accessibility of the Blood Pressure Protocol is one of its most prized benefits. For example, because you can gain access more or less immediately after purchase, you can also begin to implement the useful advice within on day one. Unlike sitting around and waiting for hospital appointments and being pushed around from pillar to post, your treatment starts at home. This makes it convenient, and also much cheaper than anything provided by the healthcare industry.

Blood Pressure Protocol has been created to provide a lifelong lifestyle change to completely reverse the health complications of this silent killer. Cheaper than just one day’s medication, the financial benefits are second to none.

Supported and endorsed by an alternative doctor, it is underpinned by scientific research trials, which evidence the success of the methods uncovered by the Yanomamo Indian tribe. Within his teachings, readers will learn more about their condition and where it all started within the body than doctors are willing to suggest. With a pronounced mistrust of conventional medicine and healthcare, Dr. Channing demystifies some of the cold hard facts about blood pressure, in order to liberate you from it.

Since primarily the causes are all lifestyle based, Channing advocates the use of exercise and mindfulness techniques, just as much as incorporating specific health foods within your diet.

At a convenient price of just $37, this is already far cheaper than any conventional method, which can result in all sorts of dangerous side effects. With its 60 day moneyback guarantee, there is almost no risk involved in purchase.

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What’s included when you buy Blood Pressure Protocol?

This is intended to be a conclusive and comprehensive guide to the problem of hypertension, and as such it contains two major pdfs as well as a range of bonuses.  The main Blood Pressure Protocol document is 88 pages of information about nutrition, exercises and lifestyle choices to help reduce blood pressure.

You also gain access to Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure, which is a 24 page document explaining in a utshell the contributors to high blood pressure before explaining that certain supplements or foods can be an essential part of the reversal. For example page 15 tells us that “Celery is a good source of the antioxidants phthalides, coumarins, Vitamin C, Vitamin K” which means that consuming it is anti- coagulant and that potassium  is a vasodilator (something that allows blood to flow easily around the heart).

A multimedia range of other bonuses include:

  • PDF eBook: 50 Recipes For Reducing Blood Pressure
  • and a series of videos about lowering blood pressure.


Multimedia, accessible and reasonably priced, we recommend this program as a fantastic accompaniment to medical advice in order to gain your life back and get the better of high blood pressure. Why wait to start honing your body? Get started today with the Blood Pressure Protocol!


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