How To Ease Inflammation

Inflammation is a body’s natural defense mechanism. Although essential for cell repair, it can be debilitating.

Learn how to ease and relief your inflammation naturally.

How To Naturally Tighten Skin

Excess underarm skin? Or skin sagging caused by massive weight loss or post pregnancy?

Find out how to tighten your skin naturally and get that firmness back!

What Do Your Food Cravings Mean?

Do you crave for sugar, carbs, or greasy foods all of a sudden? It is actually a sign of mineral deficiency.

Find out what does your food craving mean and what foods you should consume to cure it.

All About Raw Food Diet

What is the raw food diet and how do you start on it? What are the foods you can eat?

In this article, you will learn everything about the raw food diet and how it will benefit you.

All About Macrobiotic Diet

There have been claims that macrobiotic diet can cure cancer and other illnesses.

What is a macrobiotic diet and how does it work? This article covers everything about macrobiotic diet.

Probiotics: What Are They?

Probiotics are considered the ‘good bacteria’ which are beneficial to us. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common probiotic found in yogurt and supplements.

Read this article to learn more about probiotics, the types, and where they can be found.

Canker Sore Relief

What causes canker sores and how can you get rid of them quickly?

Here are some of the best canker sore relief tips.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux Relief

What is the difference between gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn, acid reflux and acid indigestion? How to stop them quickly?

Learn how to relieve your heartburn and acid-reflux with these tips.

How to Lighten Skin Naturally

Are you looking for ways to bleach or lighten your skin naturally without any surgery or expensive products?

Learn how to lighten skin naturally with these easy skin whitening methods!

How To Improve Your Brain’s Health and Performance

Here are some simple steps to help you to achieve a significant increase to your intellect; postpone or reverse mental aging; and ultimately live a longer, and healthier life with maximum brain function.

Learn how to improve your brain’s health and performance in this article!

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

It’s been proven that when you smile with your teeth showing you will appear more friendly and approachable. But if your teeth is yellowish it can be a turn-off and it also make others think that you have poor oral hygiene.

Learn how to whiten your teeth naturally without any expensive treatments!

Blood Detoxification: How To Cleanse Your Blood Naturally

We all have heard of “Body Detox” but who would have heard of “Blood Detox”? Does blood purification provide any health benefits? How do you do a blood detoxification?

Learn everything about blood detoxification and find out how to cleanse your blood naturally.

How To Repair and Improve Your Liver Naturally

The liver is one of the most important organ in the human body – it provides many crucial functions for our overall health.

Can you cleanse and detoxify your liver? Learn how to repair and improve your liver naturally with these tips.

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are those which have been processed by lactofermentation. Lactobacillus bacteria, produces lactic acid as a by-product. This explains why lacto-fermented foods taste slightly acidic.

Learn more about fermented foods and its benefits in this article.

Stress Management: How To Give Yourself a Peace of Mind

Mental illnesses are on the rise and stress is believed to be one of the major contributors to it. Stress management is useful to keep your stress levels to healthy and good levels.

Learn how to give yourself a peace of mind even at times of high stress with our tips.